Hudson River Fishes and their Environment


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John Waldman, Karin Limburg, and David Strayer, editors

365 pages

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: December 2006

Symposium 51

ISBN: 1-888569-82-4


The Hudson River is one of the most scientifically-studied rivers in the world. This volume contains new findings about the ecological and environmental workings of the Hudson and the effects on fishes.

Chapter authors present important new findings, including a review of the hydrodynamics and physical and chemical conditions in the estuary; the impact of power plants on pelagic fish; the effects of pollution, climate, and nonnative plants and animals on the Hudson’s fishes; the importance of tributaries for some species; and the impact of human activities, such as angling and changing land use, on fish populations.


The Hudson River Environment and its Dynamic Fish Community (John R. Waldman, Karin E. Limburg, and David L. Strayer)

Hydrodynamics of the Hudson River Estuary (Alan F. Blumberg and Ferdi L. Hellweger)

Channel Morphology in the Hudson River Estuary: Historical Changes and Opportunities for Restoration (Daniel Miller, John Ladd, William C. Nieder)

Current and Evolving Physical and Chemical Conditions in the Hudson River Estuary (Karim A. Abood, Thomas L. Englert, Susan G. Metzger, Charles V. Beckers, Jr., Timothy J. Groninger, and Sumant Mallavaram)

Hydrologic Control of External Carbon Loads and Primary Production in the Tidal Freshwater Hudson (Nina F. Caraco and Jonathan J. Cole)

Some Historical Changes in the Patterns of Population and Land Use in the Hudson River Watershed (Dennis P. Swaney, Karin E. Limburg, and Karen Stainbrook)

Hudson River Paleoecology from Marshes: Environmental Change and its Implications for Fisheries (Dorothy M. Peteet, Dee Cabaniss Pederson, Dorothy Kurdyla, and Tom Guilderson)

Biodiversity and Zoogeography of the Fishes of the Hudson River Watershed and Estuary (John R. Waldman, Thomas R. Lake, and Robert E. Schmidt)

Patterns of Habitat Utilization by Resident Nekton in Phragmites and Typha Marshes of the Hudson River Estuary (David T. Osgood, David J. Yozzo, Randolph M. Chambers, Seth Pianka, Christina LePage, and Jason Lewis)

Winter Distribution and Abundance of Hudson River Fishes using Hydroacoustics (Kyle J. Hartman and Brian W. Nagy)

The Dynamics of Bay Anchovy in the Hudson River Estuary: Process- Oriented Studies and Long-Term Changes (Eric T. Schultz, Kamazima M. M. Lwiza, John R. Young, Kyle J. Hartman, and Ronald C. Tipton)

Distribution and Abundance of Bay Anchovy Eggs and Larvae in the Hudson River and Nearby Waterways (Dennis J. Dunning, Quentin E. Ross, Mark T. Mattson, and Douglas G. Heimbuch)

Distributional Ecology of Bay Anchovy Anchoa mitchilli in the Hudson River Estuary (Ronald C. Tipton and Kyle J. Hartman)

Fine-Scale Distribution and Abundance of Pelagic Fish near Two Hudson River Power Plants (Ronald C. Tipton and Kyle J. Hartman)

Transport of Striped Bass Larvae Out of the Lower Hudson River Estuary (Dennis J. Dunning, Quentin E. Ross, Alan F. Blumberg, and Douglas G. Heimbuch)

Dispersal of Age-2 Striped Bass Out of the Hudson River (Dennis J. Dunning, John R. Waldman, Quentin E. Ross, and Mark T. Mattson)

Overview of Hudson River Recreational Fisheries, with an Emphasis on Striped Bass (E. Terry Euston, Susan A. Haney, Kathryn A. Hattala, and Andrew W. Kahnle)

Hudson River Tributaries in the Lives of Fishes with Emphasis on the American Eel (Robert E. Schmidt, Rome Petersson, and Thomas R. Lake)

Atlantic Tomcod Microgadus tomcod: A Model Species for the Responses of Hudson River Fish to Toxicants (Isaac Wirgin and R. Christopher Chambers)