10th Annual Larval Fish Conference


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R. D. Hoyt, editor

190 pages; Published by American Fisheries Society; Publication date: 1987


Symposium 2

Nineteen papers on the distribution, recruitment, nutrition, development, and taxonomy of young fish.

Table of Contents

Dedication Preface

Keynote Address: Use of Fish Eggs and Larvae in Probing Some Major Problems in Fisheries and Aquaculture R. Lasker


Fish Early Life Dynamics and Recruitment Variability E. D. Houde

Precision of Estimates of Abundance of Coastal Fish Larvae A. E. Jahn

Transport Processes Affecting the Survival of Pelagic Fish Stocks in the California Current J. J. Simpson

Recruitment Mechanisms of 2-Year-Old Atlantic Herring to the Maine Fishery: The Larval Stage J. J. Graham and K. M. Sherman

Effects of Climatic and Density-Dependent Factors on Intra-Annual Mortality of Larval American Shad V. Crecco and T. Savoy

Growth and Survival of the Larvae of Three Species of Temperate Marine Fishes Reared at Discrete Prey Densities L. J. Buckley, T. A. Halavik, A. S. Smigielski, and G. C. Laurence

Field Evaluation of Barriers to Walleye Egg and Larva Survival in the Lower Fox River, Wisconsin N. A. Auer and M. T. Auer

Factors Associated with the Dynamics of Grass Carp Larvae in the Lower Mississippi River Valley S. P. Zimpfer, C. F. Bryan, and C. H. Pennington


Nutritional State Analysis and Its Use in Predicting Striped Bass Recruitment: Laboratory Calibration F. D. Martin and D. A. Wright

Analysis of Nutritional Condition and its Use in Predicting Striped Bass Recruitment: Field Studies E. M. Setzler-Hamilton, D. A. Wright, F. D. Martin, C. V. Millsaps, and S. I. Whitlow

Lipid Class and Fatty Acid Composition as Indicators of the Nutritional Condition of Larval Atlantic Herring A. J. Fraser, J. R. Sargent, J. C. Gamble, and P. MacLachlan

Occurrence of Thyroid Hormones in Early Developmental Stages of Teleost Fish C. L. Brown, C. V. Sullivan, H. A. Bern, and W. W. Dickhoff

Effects of Light on Movement of Rainbow Trout Embryos within, and on Their Emergence from, Artificial Redds C. P. Nunan and D. L. G. Noakes

Influences of Acclimation Temperature and Development Stage on Behavioral Responses of Lake Chubsuckers to Temperature Gradients M. T. Negus, J. M. Aho, and C. S. Anderson

Factors Influencing Initial Swim Bladder Inflation by Striped Bass C. G. Hadley, M. B. Rust, J. P. Van Eenennaam, and S. I. Doroshov

Inducement of Cranial Anomalies in Freshwater Larval Fish during Collection and Fixation L. J. Birchfield


Distribution of Larval Gizzard Shad in the Upper Cape Fear River, North Carolina D. R. Sager


Descriptions of Protolarvae of Seven Species of the Subgenus Nothonotus (Percidae: Etheostomatini) with Comments on Intrasubgeneric Characteristics T. P. Simon, R. Wallus, and K. B. Floyd