Pacific Salmon: Ecology and Management of Western Alaska’s Populations


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Charles C. Krueger and Christian E. Zimmerman, editors

1,235 pages, index, hardcover

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: December 2009

ISBN: 978-1-934874-11-0



This timely book examines the sustainability of salmon fisheries in the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim (AYK) region of Alaska. With more than fifty chapters, the book assesses the ecological processes that cause change in salmon populations; describes the effects of varying salmon runs on rural communities; reviews state, Federal, and international management of salmon fisheries in the region; and examines emerging themes at the nexus of salmon ecology and management in the AYK region.

Topics covered include marine and freshwater ecology; subsistence, commercial, and sport fisheries; and economics, governance, and cultural issues.



Ecology and Management of Western Alaska Pacific Salmon: Introduction to the Proceedings (Charles C. Krueger, Christian E. Zimmerman, and Joseph J. Spaeder)

SECTION I: Ecology of AYK Salmon

Ecology of Pacific Salmon: Introduction (Christian E. Zimmerman and Charles C. Krueger)

Freshwater Ecology of AYK Salmon

Freshwater Life History, Habitat, and the Production of Chinook Salmon from the Upper Yukon Basin (Michael J. Bradford, Alan von Finster, and Patrick A. Milligan)

Food Supplies of Stream-Dwelling Salmonids (Mark S. Wipfli)

Bioenergetic Ontogeny: Linking Climate and Mass-Specific Feeding to Life-Cyle Growth and Survival of Salmon (David A. Beauchamp)

Freshwater Habitat Quantity and Coho Salmon Production in Two Rivers: an Initial Study to Support the Development of Habitat-Based Escapement Goals in Norton Sound, Alaska (Matthew J. Nemeth, Benjamin C. Williams, Robert C. Bocking, and Simon N. Kinneen)

Population Genetics and the Management of Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Salmon Populations (Fred M. Utter, Megan V. McPhee, and Fred W. Allendorf)

Conserving the Evolutionary Legacy of Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Salmon (Robin S. Waples)

Population Structure and Stock Identification of Chum Salmon from Western Alaska Determined with Microsatellite DNA and Major Histocompatibility Complex Variation (Terry D. Beacham, Khai D. Le, Michael Wetklo, Brenda McIntosh, Tobi Ming, and Kristina M. Miller)

Biological and Genetic Characteristics of Fall and Summer Chum Salmon in the Kuskokwim River, Alaska (Sara E. Gilk, Douglas B. Molyneaux, Toshihide Hamazaki, Jason A. Pawluk, and William D. Templin)

Estuarine and Marine Ecology of Salmon in the Bering Sea and North Pacific

Estuarine Ecology of Juvenile Salmon in Western Alaska: A Review (Nicola Hillgruber and Christian E. Zimmerman)

High Seas Distribution, Biology, and Ecology of Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Salmon: Direct Information from High Seas Tagging Experiments, 1954–2006 (Katherine W. Myers, Robert V. Walker, Nancy D. Davis, Janet L. Armstrong, and Masahide Kaeriyama)

A Review of Growth and Survival of Salmon at Sea in Response to Competition and Climate Change (Gregory T. Ruggerone and Jennifer L. Nielsen)

Historical Biomass of Pink, Chum, and Sockeye Salmon in the North Pacific Ocean (Douglas M. Eggers)

Marine Ecology of Western Alaska Juvenile Salmon (Edward V. Farley, Jr., James Murphy, Jamal Moss, Angela Feldmann, and Lisa Eisner)

North Pacific and Bering Sea Ecosystems: How Might They Change? (Thomas C. Royer and Chester E. Grosch)

SECTION II: Human Dimensions of AYK Salmon

Human Dimensions of Arctic Yukon Kuskokwim Salmon: Introduction (Joseph J. Spaeder)

People and Salmon of the Yukon and Kuskokwim Drainages and Norton Sound in Alaska: Fishery Harvests, Culture Change, and Local Knowledge Systems (Robert J. Wolfe and Joseph Spaeder)

“We Have to Learn to Work Together:” Current Perspectives on Incorporating Local and Traditional/Indigenous Knowledge into Alaskan Fishery Management (Taylor Brelsford)

Patterns and Trends in Subsistence Salmon Harvests, Norton Sound–Port Clarence Area, Alaska 1994–2003 (James S. Magdanz, Eric Trigg, Austin Ahmasuk, Peter Nanouk, David S. Koster, and Kurt Kamletz)

Demographic Change, Economic Conditions, and Subsistence Salmon Harvests in Alaska’s Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region (E. Lance Howe and Stephanie Martin)

Commercial Salmon Fisheries of the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region: Economic Challenges and Opportunities (Gunnar Knapp)

SECTION III: Management of AYK Salmon

Introduction to Fishery Management (John R. Hilsinger, Steven Klein, and Charles C. Krueger)

Freshwater Salmon Management

Salmon Management in the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region of Alaska: Past, Present, and Future (John R. Hilsinger, Eric Volk, Gene Sandone, and Richard Cannon)

Management of Recreational Salmon Fisheries in the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region of Alaska (John M. Burr)

Kuskokwim Management Area: Salmon Escapement, Harvest, and Management (John C. Linderman, Jr. and Daniel J. Bergstrom)

A Perspective on Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management of the Kuskokwim River: a 2015 Vision of the Future (Michael Rearden and Daniel Gillikin)

Perspectives on Angling for Salmon on the Kuskokwim River: the Catch and Release Sport Fishing Controversy (LaMont E. Albertson)

Norton Sound Salmon Fisheries: History, Stock Abundance, and Management (Jim Menard, Charles C. Krueger, and John R. Hilsinger)

Yukon River Chinook Salmon: Stock Status, Harvest, and Management (Danielle F. Evenson, Steve J. Hayes, Gene Sandone, and Daniel J. Bergstrom)

Yukon River Fall Chum Salmon Fisheries: Management, Harvest, and Stock Abundance (Fred J. Bue, Bonnie M. Borba, Richard Cannon, Charles C. Krueger)

Stock-Recruitment Analysis for Escapement Goal Development: a Case Study of Pacific Salmon in Alaska (Robert A. Clark, David R. Bernard, and Steve J. Fleischman)

Genetic Consequences of Size-Selective Fishing: Implications for Viability of Chinook Salmon in the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region of Alaska (Jeffrey J. Hard, William H. Eldridge, and Kerry A. Naish)

Genetic Health and Variables Influencing the Effective Number of Breeders in Western Alaska Chinook Salmon (Jeffrey B. Olsen, Steve J. Miller, Ken Harper, and John K. Wenburg)

Marine Salmon Management

Salmon Bycatch Management in the Bering Sea Walleye Pollock Fishery: Threats and Opportunities for Western Alaska (Becca Robbins Gisclair)

Rolling Hot Spot Closure Areas in the Bering Sea Walleye Pollock Fishery: Estimated Reduction of Salmon Bycatch During the 2006 Season (Karl Haflinger and John Gruver)

Eastern Bering Sea Pollock Trawl Fisheries: Variation in Salmon Bycatch over Time and Space (Diana L. Stram and James N. Ianelli)

SECTION IV: Lessons from Other Fisheries

Introduction to Lessons from Other Fisheries (Charles C. Krueger and Christian E. Zimmerman)


Pacific Salmon Population Structure and Dynamics: a Perspective from Bristol Bay on Life History Variation across Spatial and Temporal Scales (Thomas P. Quinn)

Data and Modeling Tools for Assessing Landscape-Level Influences on Salmonid Populations: Examples from Western Oregon (Kelly M. Burnett, Christian E. Torgersen, E. Ashley Steel, David P. Larsen, Joseph L. Ebersole, Robert E. Gresswell, Peter W. Lawson, Daniel J. Miller, Jeffery D. Rodgers, and Don L. Stevens, Jr.)


The Skeena Watershed Partnership: Learning from Success and Failure in Salmon Management (Evelyn Pinkerton)

Case History of the Skeena Fisheries Commission: Developing Aboriginal Fishery Management Capacity in Northern British Columbia (Allen Gottesfeld, Chris Barnes, and Cristina Soto)

Managing Across Jurisdictional Boundaries: Fishery Governance in the Great Lakes and Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Regions (Marc Gaden, Charles C. Krueger, and Christopher I. Goddard)


Management of the Nushagak District Sockeye Salmon Fishery: How 50 Years of Data Helps (Timothy T. Baker, Tim Sands, Fred West, Charlotte Westing, and Chuck Brazil)

Application of Chinook Salmon Stock Composition Data for Management of the Northern British Columbia Troll Fishery, 2006 (Ivan Winther and Terry D. Beacham)

Failures to Incorporate Science into Fishery Management and Recovery Programs: Lessons from the Columbia River (James A. Lichatowich and Richard N. Williams)

Science and Politics—an Uncomfortable Alliance: Lessons Learned from the Fish and Wildlife Program of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council (Richard N. Williams and James A. Lichatowich)

A Perspective on Coho Salmon Management in Oregon: Learning from Experience and Expecting Surprises (Jim Martin)

Uncertainty and Fishery Management in the North American Great Lakes: Lessons from Applications of Decision Analysis (Michael L. Jones and James R. Bence)

Management Angels and Demons in the Conservation of the Atlantic Salmon in North America (Fred Whoriskey)

Sustaining Salmon: East, West, and North (David Policansky)

SECTION V: New Challenges, New Approaches

Introduction to New Challenges, New Approaches (Charles C. Krueger and Christian E. Zimmerman)

Conservation of Western Alaskan Salmon Stocks by Identifying Critical Linkages between Marine and Freshwater Life Stages and Long-term Monitoring (Jamal H. Moss, Nicola Hillgruber, Charles Lean, Jody L. Mackenzie-Grieve, Kristin E. Mull, Katherine W. Myers, and Thomas C. Stark)

Responses of Pacific Salmon Populations to Climate Variation in Freshwater Ecosystems (Daniel E. Schindler and Lauren A. Rogers)

Patterns of Change in Climate and Pacific Salmon Production (Nathan J. Mantua)

The History of Surprises Associated with Pacific Salmon Returns Signals that Critical Information is Missing from Our Understanding of their Population Dynamics (Richard J. Beamish and Ruston M. Sweeting)

An Integrated Conceptual Model in Salmon Ecology (Michael Webster)

A Hierarchical Framework to Identify Influences on Pacific Salmon Population Abundance and Structure in the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region (Megan V. McPhee, Mara S. Zimmerman, Terry D. Beacham, Brian R. Beckman, Jeffrey B. Olsen, Lisa W. Seeb, and William D. Templin)

Sustaining Salmon Fisheries: the Challenge of Collaborative Management (Susan Hanna)

Management Strategies for Sustainability of Salmon in the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region (K. Fiona Cubitt, Christopher I. Goddard, and Charles C. Krueger)

Salmon Fishery Management within the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region: Emergent Issues and Unspoken Themes (Roy A. Stein and Charles C. Krueger)

SECTION VI: Peer Reviewer Acknowledgments