Status, Distribution, and Conservation of Native Freshwater Fishes of Western North America


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Mark J. Brouder and Julie A. Scheurer, editors

208 pages, Symposium 53

Publication date: June 2007

ISBN-13: 978-1-888569-89-6


Throughout the western United States, Canada, and northern Mexico during the past century, the status of many western native freshwater fish species has become questionable. Native fish have been adversely impacted by land and watershed development, habitat loss, direct human harvest, and increased competition from introduced non-native fish species. As population growth within the western region continues, understanding where remaining populations of native fish fauna occur and the threat presented to them is critical for conservation and restoration.



Great Plains Fishes Declining or Threatened with Extirpation in Montana, Wyoming, or Colorado (Wayne A. Hubert and Kelly M. Gordon)

Population Abundance Estimates for Humpback Chub and Roundtail Chub in Westwater Canyon, Colorado River, Utah, 1998 2000 (J. Michael Hudson and Julie A. Jackson)

Splittail Delisting: A Review of Recent Population Trends and Restoration Activities (Ted R. Sommer, Randall D. Baxter, and Fredrick Feyrer)

Status of June Sucker in Utah Lake and Refuges (Matthew E. Andersen, Christopher J. Keleher, Joshua E. Rasmussen, Eriek S. Hansen, Paul D. Thompson, David W. Speas, M. Douglas Routledge, and Trina N. Hedrick)

Status of Native Hawaiian Stream Fishes, a Unique Amphidromous Biota (Robert T. Nishimoto and J. Michael Fitzsimons)

Biological Status of Leatherside Chub: A Framework for Conservation of Western Freshwater Fishes (Mark C. Belk and Jerald B. Johnson)

Population Status and Trends of Four Bear Lake Endemic Fishes (Scott A. Tolentino)

The Status of Desert Redband Trout in Southwestern Idaho (Donald W. Johnson and Katie Fite)

Improved Status of the Endangered Oregon Chub in the Willamette River, Oregon (Paul D. Scheerer)

Roundtail Chub Population Assessment in the Lower Salt and Verde Rivers, Arizona (Scott D. Bryan and Matthew W. Hyatt)


Columbia River Fishes of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (Dennis Dauble)

Current Distribution of Bluehead Sucker, Flannelmouth Sucker, and Roundtail Chub in Seven Subdrainages of the Green River, Wyoming (Curtis J. Gill, Kevin R. Gelwicks, and Robert M. Keith)

A Review of the Distribution and Management of Bonytail in the Lower Colorado River Basin (Charles O. Minckley and Mitch S. Thorson)

Distribution and Habitat Use of Cottids in the Lake Washington Basin (Roger A. Tabor, Kurt L. Fresh, Dwayne K. Paige, Eric J.Warner, and Roger J. Peters)

Pacific Lamprey Ammocoete Habitat Utilzation in Red River, Idaho (Christopher W. Claire, Timothy G. Cochnauer, and George W. LaBar)


What the Status of Utah Chub Tells Us about Conserving Common, Widespread Species (Jerald B. Johnson and Mark C. Belk)

Native Southwestern Trouts: Conservation with Reference to Physiography, Hydrology, Distribution, and Trends (John N. Rinne and Bob Calamusso)

Simulation of Human Effects on Bull Trout Population Dynamics in Rimrock Reservoir, Washington (Keith Underwood and Steve P. Cramer)