Urban and Community Fisheries Programs: Development, Management, and Evaluation


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Richard T. Eades, J. Wesley Neal, Thomas J. Lang, Kevin M. Hunt, and Paul Pajak, editors

464 pages, hardcover

Symposium 67

Publication date: October 2008

ISBN: 978-1-934874-04-2

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781934874042


Increasing urban and suburban human populations and declines in fishing participation have reawakened an interest in urban and community fisheries programs. This timely work contains 40 papers presented at the September 2007 AFS Urban Fishing Symposium. Chapter authors synthesize current research and provide real world examples through case study analysis, review new management techniques, and offer topic insights. The book will appeal to fisheries managers, administrators, park superintendents, academics, researchers, and students.


PART I: Considerations for Program Development

Paying the Bills: Funding Urban and Community Fishing (Gene Gilliland)

Aquaculture’s Role in Providing Fish for Urban Fisheries Programs (James D. Brader)

The Importance of Partnerships in Florida’s Urban Fisheries (James Sweatman, Marcos J. De Jesus, and Paul Thomas)

Opportunities for Urban Fishing: Developing Urban Fishing Programs to Recruit and Retain Urban Anglers (Dane M. Balsman and Daniel E. Shoup)

The Role of Law Enforcement in Urban Fisheries (Richard T. Eades, Larry D. Pape, and Kevin M. Hunt)

Not-so-urban Urban and Community Fishing Opportunities (Harold L. Schramm, Jr.)

Implications of Angler Motivations and Preferences for Urban Fisheries Management (Clifford P. Hutt and John R. Jackson)

Fishing in the Neighborhood: Understanding Motivations and Constraints for Angling Among Minneapolis–St. Paul, Minnesota Metro Residents (Susan A. Schroeder, David C. Fulton, Mark L. Nemeth, Roland E. Sigurdson, and Richard J. Walsh)

Untangling the Line: Constraints to Fishing Participation in Communities of Color (Susan A. Schroeder, Mark L. Nemeth, Roland E. Sigurdson, and Richard J. Walsh)

Differences Between Organized and Nonorganized Anglers in an Urban Environment (Berlin, Germany) and the Social Capital of Angler Organizations (Philipp Freudenberg and Robert Arlinghaus)

What’s in a Name? Urban Versus Community Fisheries Programs (Larry D. Pape and Richard T. Eades)

Contaminant and Pathogen Considerations in Urban Fisheries: Balancing the Fishing Experience with the Need to Protect Human Health (Barbara A. Knuth, Cynthia McOliver, Ellen K. Silbergeld, Nancy A. Connelly, and Ann Faulds)

Assessing the Risks of Exposure to Cryptosporidium from Recreational Water Activities in Baltimore, Maryland (Cynthia C. McOliver, Thaddeus K. Graczyk, and Ellen K. Silbergeld)

PART II: Program Management—Past, Present, and Future

Status of Urban and Community Fishing Programs Nationwide (Kevin M. Hunt, Harold L. Schramm, Jr., Thomas J. Lang, J. Wesley Neal, and Clifford P. Hutt)

Utah’s Community Fishing Program: Landing Partnerships in Fisheries Management and Education (Christopher Penne and Andrew Cushing)

Angler Use, Spending, and Economic Values of Urban Fisheries in Southwest Idaho (J. Lance Hebdon, Jeff C. Dillon, and Thomas McArthur)

Luring, Schooling, and Serving Up City Fishing (George Babey and Tim Barry)

The St. Louis Urban Fishing Program (Kevin Meneau)

Nebraska’s Urban Fisheries Program (Richard T. Eades, Donald W. Gabelhouse, Jr., and Larry D. Pape)

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Family and Community Fishing Program (Christopher L. Racey, Clifton Jackson, and Clinton L. Coleman)

The Spawning of an Urban Fisheries Program in Texas (Mark Howell, Brian Van Zee, and Robert K. Betsill)

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Fishing in the Neighborhood Program (Richard J. Walsh, James T. Levitt, and Mark L. Nemeth)

Development and Evolution of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Urban Fishing Program (Lynette Lurig and Kerry Kirk Pflugh)

MinnAqua—Minnesota’s Angling and Aquatic Education Program Launches Fishing: Get in the Habitat! in Schools (Michelle M. Kelly and Roland E. Sigurdson)

Fisheries Management and Aquatic Education in the Long Island/New York City Area: Lessons Learned Over the Past 30 Years (Edward F. Woltmann, Gregory Kozlowski, and Charles A. Guthrie)

I FISH NY: Outreach and Education in New York City and on Long Island (Melissa K. Cohen, Nim Lee, Sarah Bruner, Malynda Nichol, and Chart Guthrie)

Adult Aquatic/Angler Education Program Delivery in Alaska’s Second-Largest City (Shann Paul Jones)

Summer Fishing Coaches Lure Youth to Urban Waters (Theresa Stabo)

PART III: Evaluating and Improving Programs

Conducting an Evaluation of Your Urban Fishing Program (Karen K. Ballard)

Year-One Evaluation of Kentucky’s Urban Fishing Program (Kathryn A. Emme and Gerard L. Buynak)

Using On-Site Angler Surveys and a Geographic Information System for More Effective Marketing of an Urban Fishing Program (John B. Taylor, Mandy K. Scott, Jason A. Henegar, Robert K. Betsill, Fred W. Janssen, and Craig M. Scofield)

Use of a Toll-Free Stocking Hotline in an Urban Fishing Program (Christopher L. Racey and Clifton Jackson)

Influence of Fishing Derbies on Angling Activity at Derby Locations (Thomas J. Lang, J. Wesley Neal, and Clifford P. Hutt)

Stocking Frequency and Fishing Quality in an Urban Fishing Program in Arkansas (Thomas J. Lang, J. Wesley Neal, and Clifford P. Hutt)

Characteristics of an Iowa Put-and-Take Rainbow Trout Fishery and Associated Economic Benefits (Randall D. Schultz and Benjamin J. Dodd)

Stocking Harvestable Hybrid Striped Bass in an Urban Fishing Program: Angling Success, Angler Satisfaction, and Influence on Bluegill Size Structure (Clifford P. Hutt, J. Wesley Neal, and Thomas J. Lang)

Growth, Mortality, and Harvest of Walleye and Hybrid Striped Bass in an Iowa Urban Lake: Simulated Effects of Minimum Size Limits (Randall D. Schultz and Benjamin J. Dodd)

Utility of Tournament and Angler Catch Data for Assessing Population Structure Indices of Channel Catfish in an Urban Lake (Randall D. Schultz and Benjamin J. Dodd)

Improving Nebraska Lakes via the Community Lakes Enhancement and Restoration (CLEAR) Program (Richard T. Eades, Lindsey K. Richters, Tadd Barrow, John Holz, Paul Brakhage, and Elbert Traylor)

Components of a Successful Fishing Clinic (Lindsey K. Richters, Larry D. Pape, and Richard T. Eades)


Urban and Community Fisheries Programs: Development, Management, and Evaluation—A Summary (J. Wesley Neal and Richard T. Eades)