Eels at the Edge: Science, Status, and Conservation Concerns


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John M. Casselman and David K. Cairns, editors

449 pages, hardcover, index, Symposium 58

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: May 2009

ISBN: 978-1-888569-96-4



There is a catastrophic worldwide decline of anguillid (freshwater eel) species. World authorities on the three species consider mechanisms for addressing this concern and reversing trends. This book emphasizes recent and new insights into basic biology, resource status, and management procedures. Chapter authors provide innovative approaches to stock assessment and management.


Part I: Overviews

A Conceptual Management Framework for the Restoration of the Declining European Eel Stock (Willem Dekker)

Present Status of the Japanese Eel: Resources and Recent Research (Katsumi Tsukamoto, Jun Aoyama, and Michael J. Miller)

Forty Years On’ the Impact of Commercial Fishing on Stocks of New Zealand Freshwater Eels (Don J. Jellyman)

Part II: Science, Ecology, and Life History

Genetic Differentiation of the Japanese Eel (Mei-Chen Tseng, Wann-Nian Tzeng, and Sin-Che Lee)

New Perspectives on the Early Life History of Tropical Anguillid Eels: Implications for Resource Management (Michael J. Miller, Jun Aoyama, and Katsumi Tsukamoto)

Reproductive Strategy of Female American Eels Among Five Subpopulations in the St. Lawrence River Watershed (Valérie Tremblay)

Morphological Discrimination of the Silvering Stages of the European Eel (Caroline Durif, Aymeric Guibert, and Pierre Elie)

Age, Growth, Mortality, and Sex Ratio of American Eels in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay (Julie A. Weeder and Stephen D. Hammond)

American Eel Movements, Growth, and Sex Ratio Following Translocation (Guy Verreault, Willy Dargere, and Rémi Tardif)

Growth and Habitat Residence History of Migrating Silver American Eels Transplanted to Taiwan (Wann-Nian Tzeng, Yu-San Han, and Brian M. Jessop)

Does Stocking of Danish Lowland Streams with Elvers Increase European Eel Populations? (Michael I. Pedersen)

Differential Production and Condition Indices of Premigrant Eels in Two Small Atlantic Coastal Catchments of France (Anthony Acou, Gabriel Gaelle, Pascal Laffaille, and Eric Feunteun)

The Metazoan Parasites of Eels in Ireland: Zoogeographical, Ecological and Fishery Management Perspectives (T. Kieran McCarthy, Karen Creed, Oisin Naughton, Paula Cullen, and Lorraine Copley)

Part III: Status and Dynamics

Long-Term Trends in Size and Abundance of Juvenile American Eels Ascending the Upper St. Lawrence River (Lucian A. Marcogliese and John M. Casselman)

Decline of the American Eel in the St. Lawrence River: Effects of Local Hydroclimatic Conditions on CPUE Indices (Yves de Lafontaine, Michel Lagacé, Fernand Gingras, Denis Labonté, François Marchand, and Edith Lacroix)

The American Eel Fishery in Delaware: Recent Landings Trends and Characteristics of the Exploited Eel Population (John H. Clark)

Long-Term Changes in Recruitment, Population Dynamics, and Status of the European Eel in Two English River Systems (Anthony Bark, Beth Williams, and Brian Knights)

Abundance Trends of Glass Eels between 1978 and 1999 from Fisheries Data in the Gironde Basin, France (Laurent Beaulaton and Gérard Castelnaud)

Part IV: Movement, Migration, and Barriers

Three-Dimensional Movement of Silver-Phase American Eels in the Forebay of a Small Hydroelectric Facility (Leah Brown, Alex Haro, and Theodore Castro-Santos)

Determining Exit Locations for Eel Ladders at Hydroelectric Power Dams on the St. Lawrence River (Kevin J. McGrath, Richard Verdon, Denis Desrochers, Carole Fleury, Scott Ault, and John Skalski)

Seasonal Movements of Large Yellow American Eels Downstream of a Hydroelectric Dam, Shenandoah River, West Virginia (Stephen D. Hammond and Stuart A. Welsh)

Part V: Stock Assessment and Management

Eel Population Modeling and its Application to Conservation Management (Giulio A. De Leo, Paco Melià, Marino Gatto, and Alain J. Crivelli)

Are American Eel Harvests in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay Sustainable? (Julie A. Weeder and James H. Uphoff, Jr.)

Management of American Eels in Lake Ontario and the Upper St. Lawrence River (Alastair Mathers and Thomas J. Stewart)

Management of European Eel Populations in England and in Wales: a Critical Review and Pragmatic Considerations (Brian Knights, Anthony Bark, and Beth Williams)

Managing Human Impact on Downstream Migrating European Eel in the River Meuse (Maarten C. M. Bruijs, R. H. Hadderingh, U. Schwevers, B. Adam, U. Dumont, and H. V. Winter)

Management, Research, and Stock Assessment of Anguillids in New Zealand (Peter R. Todd)

Part VI: Panel: Status, Assessment, and Conservation Concerns

International Eel Symposium Panel Presentations and Discussions

Part VII: Closing

Traditional Haudenosaunee Closing and Blessing (Henry Lickers)

Part VIII: Posters’ Titles, Authors, and Abstracts

Posters of the International Eel Symposium

Part IX: Québec Declaration of Concern

Québec Declaration of Concern (Dekker, W., J. M. Casselman, D. K. Cairns, K. Tsukamoto, D. Jellyman, and H. Lickers. 2003. Worldwide decline of eel resources necessitates immediate action. Quebec Declaration of Concern. Fisheries 28(12):28-30.