Fish Hatchery Management, 2nd Edition (paperback)


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Gary A. Wedemeyer, editor

751 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, January 2002


This second edition expands and updates the original Fish Hatchery Management, the pre-eminent fish culture manual in North America since 1982, which has been used in universities and USFWS training centers nationwide to train new generations of culturists. The new edition has been completely rewritten by experts to include major advances in hatchery operation, in practical knowledge about raising high-quality fish, and in optimal use of cultured fishes in management programs. This up-to-date volume is greatly needed as a training tool and day-to-day hatchery resource. Like the first edition, the book includes a great deal of information about particular species, but its focus remains on the requirements and practical operation of culture systems.

The new edition covers advances in production, water issues, transportation, stocking, open systems, controlled systems, semi-controlled systems, broodstocks and spawning, nutrition and and feeding, fish health, and special considerations. Authors have developed chapters for relevance to both private and public fish culture.

Table of Contents

List of Species
Symbols and Abbreviations

History and Purpose of Fish Culture (Robert R. Stickney)

Production (Harry Westers)

Hatchery Water Supply and Treatment (John E. Colt and Joseph R. Tomasso)

Open Systems: the Culture of Fish for Release into Natural Systems (William Pennell, E. D. Lane, and Frank Dalziel)

Semicontrolled Systems (Patricia M. Mazik and Nick C. Parker)

Controlled Systems: Water Reuse and Recirculation (Steven Summerfelt, Julie Bebak-Williams, and Scott Tsukuda)

Broodstock Management for Imperiled and Other Fishes (J. Holt Williamson)

Nutrition and Feeding (Frederic T. Barrows and Ronald W. Hardy)

Fish Health Management (James R. Winton)

Fish Transportation (Gary J. Carmichael, Joseph R. Tomasso, Jr., and Thomas E. Schwedler)

Stocking (Kyle J. Hartman and Bret Preston)

Management Considerations and Economics (James W. Meade)