Sustaining North American Salmon: Perspectives Across Regions and Disciplines


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Kristine D. Lynch, Michael L. Jones, and William W. Taylor, editors

413 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, November 2002



U.S. and Canadian fisheries professionals from multiple disciplines examine the history, current knowledge, and research needs of fisheries stakeholders, managers, and policy makers regarding salmon ecology, policy, and management in North America. The book offers a greater understanding of the complexity and repercussions of salmon management, currently a controversial issue between Canada and the United States. Information needs from a biological, social, and economic perspectives are identified, enabling managers and policy makers to develop an action agenda to acquire and utilize this information. This excellent reference for the management of salmon presents a synthesis of the history, ecology, sociology, economics, politics/institutions, and the future of one of the mosteconomically and culturally significant fishes in America.

Table of Contents

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Part I Atlantic Salmon

From Game Fish to Tame Fish: Atlantic Salmon in North America, 1798 to 1998 John F. Kocik and Russell W. Brown

Sustaining Atlantic Salmon in the Northwest Atlantic: Considerations from a Life History Perspective Jeffrey A. Hutchings

Atlantic Salmon Fisheries in Eastern North America: the Prince and the Pauper Kenneth F. Beland and Alex T. Bielak

The Atlantic Salmon Recreational Angling Industry: Economic Benefits Frederick G. Whoriskey and J. Glebe

Canadian and U.S. Atlantic Salmon Institutions and Politics: Where are the Fish and Who Cares? Stephen G. Rideout and John A. Ritter

Emerging Science and Management Issues with Atlantic Salmon Kevin D. Friedland

Part II Great Lakes Salmon

History of the Great Lakes Salmon Fishery: a Michigan Perspective Howard A. Tanner and Wayne H. Tody

Ecological Factors Affecting the Sustainability of Chinook and Coho Salmon Populations in the Great Lakes, Especially Lake Michigan Michael J. Hansen and Mark E. Holey

The Many Faces of Salmon: Implications of Stakeholder Diversity in the Great Lakes Barbara A. Knuth

Uses of Resource Economics in Managing Great Lakes Fisheries: Michigan Examples Frank Lupi and Douglas B. Jester

Managing Great Lakes Fisheries Under Multiple and Diverse Authorities Margaret Ross Dochoda and Michael L. Jones

The Future of Pacific Salmon in the Great Lakes Chris I. Goddard

Part III Pacific Salmon

History of the Salmon Fisheries of the Pacific Northwest Coast Terry Glavin

Ecological Perspectives on Pacific Salmon: Can We Sustain Biodiversity and Fisheries? E. Eric Knudsen

Salmon, Society, and Politics: Moving Toward Ecosystem-Based Management for Pacific Salmon Donald D. MacDonald, Megan Hanacek, and Laura Genn

The Pacific Salmon Dispute: Rationalizing a Dysfunctional Joint Venture Robert McKelvey and Kathleen A. Miller

Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of Pacific Salmon Management Jim Martin


Sustaining Salmon Fisheries in Canada and the United States: Recommendations for Policy and Management K. D. Lynch, M. L. Jones, and W. W. Taylor