Advances in Fish Passage Technology


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Mufeed Odeh, editor

170 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society Bioengineering Section, 2000


This book presents recent and ongoing developments in fish passage technologies in the United States and abroad. The importance of the multidisciplinary team approach to engineering design and fishery and ecological restoration is evident throughout this book, including chapters on engineering design, studies of fish behavior, and the evaluation of fish passage systems.

This book is intended for:

* resource managers * hydraulic engineers * biologists * hydropower developers * researchers * students * environmentalists

Table of Contents

1. Developments in Fish Passage Engineering and Technology Mufeed Odeh and Alex Haro

2. Surface Collector Development on the Columbia and Snake Rivers: a Regional Perspective Bryan Nordlund and Steve Rainey

3. Critical Assessment of Surface Flow Bypass Development in the Lower Columbia and Snake Rivers during 1995–1996 Albert E. Giorgi, Gary E. Johnson, and Michael W. Erho

4. Fish Behavior Relative to a Prototype Surface Bypass and Collector (SBC) at Lower Granite Dam, Using Innovative Hydroacoustic Techniques Robert L. Johnson and Gary E. Johnson

5. Fish Passage at the Prototype Surface Bypass and Collector at Lower Granite Dam, Snake River, Washington in 1996 and 1997 Gary E. Johnson, Robert L. Johnson, Theresa Y. Barila, and Daniel R. Kenney

6. Behavior of Juvenile Salmonids Relative to a Prototype Surface Bypass Collection Channel Douglas D. Royer, Dilip Mathur, Robert D. Sullivan, John R. Skalski, and J. Darrell Pock

7. Effectiveness of a Fish Bypass with an Angled Bar Rack at Passing Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Trout Smolts at the Lower Saranac Hydroelectric Project Richard A. Simmons

8. Migratory Behavior of Juvenile Ayu in Denil and Steeppass Fishways in Japan Kiyoshi Wada, Nobuyuki Azuma, and Shunroku Nakamura

9. Fishways to Complement Water Storages Errol Beitz

10. Hydraulics of a Multipurpose Fishway Sampath Kumar Gurram and Timo Pohjamo

11. Fish Screen Velocity Criteria Development Using a Screened, Circular Swimming Channel Darryl E. Hayes, Shawn D. Mayr, M. Levent Kavvas, Zhiqiang Q. Chen, Esmer Velagic, Ahmet Karakas, Hossein Bandeh, E. Can Dogrul, Joseph J. Cech, Jr., Christina Swanson, and Paciencia S. Young

12. The Use of an Aquatic Guidance Strobe Lighting System to Enhance the Safe Bypass of Atlantic Salmon Smolts Ron Brown and Kevin Bernier