Analysis and Interpretation of Freshwater Fisheries Data


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Christopher S. Guy and Michael L. Brown, editors

961 pages, hardcover, index, companion CD (box example programs and data)

Publication date: September 2007

ISBN-13: 978-1-888569-77-3


This long-awaited text is an excellent companion to AFS’s Fisheries Techniques because it provides a frame of reference for appropriate sample design, analysis, and interpretation of freshwater fisheries data. The chapters are organized by fish and fisheries data types, including recruitment, mortality, biotelemetry, habitat, and predator-prey interactions, within major topic areas, such as population dynamics, fish biology, and community assessment.

Chapters contain subsections describing the data type(s), indices, appropriate and alternative statistical approaches,applications, summary, and references. Statistical tests are nestled within chapters to allow the reader to connect analyses to data types. Box examples allow the reader to easily follow the analysis method. The companion CD contains example data sets and programs (requires SAS) so the reader can run the analyses, as outlined in the box examples.

The book is appropriate for advanced undergraduate and graduate students and is a practical resource for fisheries professionals. Includes a subject index.




List of Species

1 Science and Statistics in Fisheries Research (Michael L. Brown and Christopher S. Guy)

2 Fisheries Management Study Design Considerations (Richard L. Noble, Douglas J. Austen, and Mark A. Pegg)

3 Sampling and Experimental Design (Michael J. Hansen, T. Douglas Beard Jr., and Daniel B. Hayes)

4 Recruitment (Michael J. Maceina and Donald L. Pereira)

5 Age and Growth (J. Jeffery Isely and Timothy B. Grabowski)

6 Mortality (Leandro E. Miranda and Phillip W. Bettoli)

7 Relative Abundance and Catch per Unit Effort (Wayne A. Hubert and Mary C. Fabrizio)

8 Abundance, Biomass, and Production (Daniel B. Hayes, James R. Bence, Thomas J. Kwak, and Bradley E. Thompson)

9 Size Structure (Robert M. Neumann and Micheal S. Allen)

10 Condition (Kevin L. Pope and Carter G. Kruse)

11 Assessment of Diets and Feeding Patterns (Steven R. Chipps and James E. Garvey)

12 Bioenergetics (Kyle J. Hartman and Robert S. Hayward)

13 Fish Population Bioassessment (Michael Power)

14 Analysis of Movement and Habitat Use from Telemetry Data (Kevin B. Rogers and Gary C. White)

15 Community Indices, Parameters, and Comparisons (Thomas J. Kwak and James T. Peterson)

16 Predator&Prey Interactions (David A. Beauchamp, David H. Wahl, and Brett M. Johnson)

17 Habitat Evaluation (Tammy J. Newcomb, Donald J. Orth, and Dean F. Stauffer)

18 Watershed Level Approaches (Frank J. Rahel and Donald A. Jackson)


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