Bluegills: Biology and Behavior


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Stephen Spotte

214 pages, index

Published by the American Fisheries Society, 2007

ISBN-13: 978-1-888569-93-3

The bluegill is arguably the most popular freshwater sportfish in North America – it has been introduced into every state but Alaska. Bluegills also have been exported worldwide for sport, for aquaculture, or as forage for larger fishes. Spotte’s book is a synopsis of what we know about bluegills. He discusses not just what bluegills do, but also how they go about doing it.



Chapter 1. Movement

Chapter 2. Sensory Perception

Chapter 3. Foraging

Chapter 4. Competition

Chapter 5. Predation

Chapter 6. Reproduction

Chapter 7. Development, Growth, and Mortality

Chapter 8. Management