International Governance of Fisheries Ecosystems: Learning from the Past, Finding Solutions for the Future


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Michael G. Schechter, Nancy J. Leonard, and William W. Taylor, editors

458 pages

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: July 2008

ISBN: 978-1-888569-99-5



Fisheries experts increasingly acknowledge the importance of globalization on local, national, and international fisheries. This book brings together fisheries and governance experts from across the globe who present case studies on a broad spectrum of the internationally shared fisheries that inhabit diverse freshwater and marine ecosystem types.

Case studies provide the biological background of the fisheries resource, including status and threats to the resource and its ecosystem. The case studies review the evolution and current governance institutions of the fisheries resource, with particular focus on international or global institutions. Each study concludes with an evaluation of the effectiveness of the current fisheries governance institutions, and recommendations for changes.


Introduction: Governance of International Fisheries Ecosystems

1. Global Fisheries Governance (Michael G. Schechter and Nancy J. Leonard)

Part I: Governance of Freshwater Fisheries

2. Tradeoffs in Management of Freshwater Ecosystem Services Under International Environmental Conventions: the Case of Inland Waters Fisheries (T. Douglas Beard, Heather Allen, Elizabeth P. Anderson, and Katherine L. Smith)

3. Fisheries Mangement in Malawi: A Patchwork of Traditional, Modern, and Post-Modern Regimes Unfolds (Aaron J. M. Russell, Tracy Dobson, and John G. M. Wilson)

4. Management of Commercial Fisheries for Lake Whitefish in the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America (Mark P. Ebener, Ronald E. Kinnunen, Philip J. Schneeberger, Lloyd C. Mohr, James A. Hoyle, and Paul Peeters)

5. Ecology and International Governance of Lake Erie’s Percid Fisheries (Edward F. Roseman, Roger L. Knight, Elizabeth Wright, Donald Einhouse, Kevin Kayle, Kurt Newman, and Rickalon L. Hoopes)

Part II: Governance of Marine Fisheries

6. The Volatile Nature of the International Whaling Commission: Power, Institutions, and Norms (Steinar Andresen)

7. International Governance of Deep Sea Fisheries-A Perspective from New Zealand (Matthew Hooper, Rebecca Lawton, Matthew Bartholomew, and John Glaister)

8. International Governance of the Peruvian Anchoveta (Ivan Orlic and Rebecca M. Berngartt)

9. Resilient Reef Fisheries Governance of the Pacific Islands in the Era of Globalization (Daniel B. Kramer)

10. Towards Sustainable Utilization of Fisheries Resources: Fisheries Policy and its Developing Tendency in China (Huang Shuolin and Liu Yanhong)

11. Regional Governance of Pacific Tuna Fisheries (Shauna Oh, Gary Sakagawa, and William W. Taylor)

12. Using CITES to Regulate Marine Fish Products: The Case of Queen Conch (Katherine Smith, Nancy Daves, and Robin Mahon)

Part III: Governance of Anadromous Fisheries

13. Coming to Grips with the Eel Stock Slip-Sliding Away (Willem Dekker)

14. Declines of American Eel in North America: Complexities Associated with Bi-National Management (Rob MacGregor, Alastair Mathers, Peter Thompson, John M. Casselman, John M. Dettmers, Steve LaPan, Thomas C. Pratt, and Bill Allen)

15. The Challenges Posed by International Management of Atlantic Salmon: Balancing Commercial, Recreational, and Societal Interests-The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (Mary Colligan, Tim Sheehan, Jessica Pruden, and John Kocik)

16. Farming the Genetically Modified Seas-The Perils and Promise of Transgenic Salmon (Rebecca M. Bratspies)

Conclusion and Recommendations

17. Inter-Jurisdictional Fisheries Governance: The Next Steps to Sustainability (William W. Taylor and Cheyney Dobson)