First International Smallmouth Bass Symposium


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D. C. Jackson, editor

177 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, 1991


Proceedings of a 1989 symposium conducted by the Warmwater Streams Committee of the AFS Southern Division. Biology, ecology, and management of one of North America’s premier game fishes are covered in 24 papers and 10 abstracts.

Table of Contents

Opening Session: Keynote Address Recent Changes in the Distribution and Relative Abundance of Smallmouth Bass and Spotted Bass in Missouri Streams O. F. Fajen


Comparison of Growth of Smallmouth Bass from Two Tributaries of the York River, Virginia M. A. King, R. J. Graham, and W. S. Woolcott

Prey Selectivity and Growth of a Planktivorous Population of Smallmouth Bass in an Idaho Reservoir L. K. Dunsmoor, D. H. Bennett, and J. A. Chandler

Food Habitats and Feeding Selectivity of Smallmouth Bass in Culture Ponds B. W. Farquhar and W. C. Guest


Effects of Runoff on Smallmouth Bass Populations in Four Southwestern Wisconsin Streams J. W. Mason, D. J. Graczyk, and R. A. Kerr

Effects of Increased Nesting Cover on Nesting and Reproduction of Smallmouth Bass in Northern Wisconsin Lakes M. H. Hoff

Home Range, Movements and Habitat Utilization of Smallmouth Bass in Meredith Reservoir, Texas J. E. Kraai, C. R. Munger, and W. E. Whitworth

Evaluation of Feeding and Habitat Competition between Native Smallmouth Bass and Rainbow Trout in a Coolwater Stream D. J. Ebert and S. P. Filipek

Stream Sedimentation and Abundance of Smallmouth Bass V. L. Paragamian

Reproductive Ecology and Spawning Habitat of Smallmouth Bass in Two Small Streams of the Tennessee River System C. R. Reynolds and C. J. O’Bara

Ecology of Smallmouth Bass in the Nearshore of Mexico Bay, Lake Ontario R. J. Danehy and N. H. Ringler

Environmental Control of the Timing of Smallmouth Bass Reproduction M.-C. Cantin and N. Bromage

Food-Habitat Relations of Underyearling Smallmouth Bass in an Ozark Stream A. C. Livingstone and C. F. Rabeni

Effects of a Hundred-Year Flood on the Smallmouth Bass Population of the Upper Caddo River, Arkansas S. P. Filipek, M. A. Armstrong, and L. G. Claybrook

Effects of Discharge Fluctuations on Survival of Smallmouth Bass in the Kankakee River, Illinois R. D. Sallee, J. Langbein, H. Brown, and J. Ferencak

Predicting Smallmouth Bass Presence/Absence and Abundance in Wisconsin Streams Using Physical Habitat Characteristics J. Lyons

Interspecific Impacts of Smallmouth Bass in the Northwestern United States D. H. Fletcher


The Effects of a Slot Size Limit Regulation on Smallmouth Bass in the Shenandoah River, Virginia P. P. Smith and J. W. Kauffman

Catchability of Smallmouth Bass Hatchery Broodstock Promotes Catch-and-Release Program W. P. Rutledge and B. A. Gregg

The Negative Binomial Distribution to Characterize Angler Harvest in Smallmouth Bass Fisheries B. K. Wagner and D. J. Orth

Smallmouth Bass in the Pacific Northwest: Benefit or Liability D. H. Bennett, J. A. Chandler, and L. K. Dunsmoor

Smallmouth Bass in Lake Texoma: a Case History E. Gilliland, R. Horton, B. Hysmith, and J. Moczygemba

Introgressive Hybridization of Redeye Bass and Smallmouth Bass and its Management Implications J. M. Turner, F. J. Bulow, and C. J. O’Bara

A Quality Smallmouth Bass Fishery: Trophies and Voluntary Catch and Release M. S. Reed, M. B. Bain, and K. C. Weathers


Smallmouth Bass Biology

Characteristics of peripheral populations of smallmouth bass in eastern Oklahoma W. J. Stark and A. V. Zale

The influence of body size and temperature on nesting asynchrony in smallmouth bass M. Ridgway and B. Shuter

Does territorial behavior limit the nesting population of male smallmouth bass? B. Shuter and M. Ridgway

Measurements of reproductive success: reproduction and recruitment in a closed population J. R. Baylis, N. S. Raffeto, D. Wiegmann, C. Annett, and M. H. Hoff

The cost of reproduction and brood defense in smallmouth bass M. Ridgway

Smallmouth Bass Ecology

Distribution patterns of smallmouth bass in central Ohio streams: evaluating the role of crayfish M. E. Mather and R. A. Stein

Relative importance of temperature, cover, and food availability on habitat selection by smallmouth bass M. S. Bevelhimer and S. M. Adams

Smallmouth Bass Management

Habitat restoration techniques for Illinois smallmouth bass D. Roseboom, B. White, R. Sauer, and D. Day

Assessment of trout management regulations on a riverine population of smallmouth bass T. J. Barry

Smallmouth bass in Tennessee reservoirs: an overview of angler survey data T. E. Cheek and C. W. Pollack

Closing Session The First International Smallmouth Bass Symposium: Synopsis of Technical and Scientific Sessions D. C. Jackson