Fishes of Alaska


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Catherine W. Mecklenburg, T. Anthony Mecklenburg, and Lyman K. Thorsteinson, authors

1,116 pages, 40 color plates

Published by the American Fisheries Society, 2002


Fishes of Alaska is the only comprehensive guide to the marine and freshwater fishes of Alaska. Coverage extends out to the 200-mile limit and down to the abyssal plains of the Arctic Ocean, Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska, and North Pacific Ocean with accounts of 601 species in 108 families and 36 orders. The rare and poorly known species are covered as well as the more familiar inshore, commercial, and sport fisheries.

This book represents a significant review and synthesis of information for the sculpins, snailfishes, lumpsuckers, and other understudied families of the region. Identification keys and family and species accounts are presented in the framework of a modern classification. The accounts give morphological features, discuss taxonomic problems and geographic range, depict range in Alaska on maps; illustrate each species, and give synonyms, detailed notes, and documentation of all information presented. The volume includes a gazetteer, a glossary, an extensive bibliography, and a detailed index.

This catalog of species with a consistent body of descriptive and source materials under one cover is an essential reference for marine biologists, ichthyologists, natural resource managers, students, naturalists, and others seeking authoritative information on the fishes of Alaska and the adjacent waters of Canada and Russia.

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* List of Species in a Classification with page numbers for the accounts * Structure of Accounts and Keys * Key to Fish Families in Alaska * Taxon Accounts and Keys to Species




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