A Manual of Fish Culture


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340 pages, hardbound, 80 plates; Published by the American Fisheries Society (Fish Culture Section); Publication date: 1999


A Manual of Fish Culture, originally published by the U.S. Commission on Fisheries in 1897, contains descriptions of culture techniques for more than 40 species or groups of finfishes, plus lobsters, oysters, clams, and frogs. When published, it contained all the information needed by fish culturists. The techniques and practices described in the Manual became the standard for aquaculturists and the forerunner of the technical publications of today.

This reprint of the 1897 book was produced by the Fish Culture Section of the American Fisheries Society.

Table of Contents


Salmons of the Pacific Coast

Atlantic and Landlocked Salmons

Rainbow Trout

Brook Trout

Lake Trout



Black Basses, Crappies, and Rock Bass

Miscellaneous Fresh-Water Fishes


Common Mackerel

Flatfish or Winter Flounder

Miscellaneous Salt-Water Fishes

American Lobster

Transportation of Fish and Fish Eggs

Spawning Seasons of Fishes Propagated, Character of Fish Eggs, Period of Incubation

Notes on the Edible Frogs of the U.S. and Their Artificial Propagation

Oysters and Methods of Oyster-Culture

Notes on Clam-Culture

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