Nutrients in Salmonid Ecosystems: Sustaining Production and Biodiversity


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John Stockner, editor

302 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, Feb. 2003



Symposium 34

The proceedings of the 2001 conference “Restoring Nutrients to Salmonid Ecosystems” and the first book of its kind in the scientific and technical market, this volume presents recent information on the role and importance of marine-derived nutrients in salmonid ecosystems. The authors examine how this research can be used effectively to assist in rebuilding salmonid stocks in the Pacific Northwest.

This book covers:

(1) Description and management of historical and current nutrient regimes in salmonid ecosystems

(2) Ecological linkages between salmon and productivity of freshwater ecosystems and the ecological impacts of a diminished salmon nutrient shadow

(3) Dispersal mechanisms of marine-derived nutrients in Pacific Northwestern freshwater ecosystems

(4) Effects of hatcheries, harvest, and other resource management regimes on nutrients and their dispersal

(5) Incorporation of nutrient management into ecosystem restoration

Table of Contents

Preface Foreword

Part One: Background and Historic Perspective

Salmon Nutrients: Closing the Circle John G. Stockner and Kenneth I. Ashley

The Marine Nutrient Shadow: A Global Comparison of Anadromous Salmon Fishery and Guano Occurrence Takeshi Murota

Past and Present Pacific Salmon Abundance: Bioregional Estimates for Key Life History Stages Peter K. Schoonmaker, Ted Gresh, Jim Lichatowich, and Hans D. Radtke

Assessing the Historic Contribution of Marine-Derived Nutrients to Idaho Streams Steven A. Thomas, Todd V. Royer, G. Wayne Minshall, and Eric Snyder

Part Two: Ecosystem Responses

Isotopic Evidence for Enrichment of Salmon-Derived Nutrients in Vegetation, Soil, and Insects in Riparian Zones in Coastal British Columbia Thomas E. Reimchen, Deanna D. Mathewson, Morgan D. Hocking, Jonathan Moran, and David Harris

Observations of Chum Salmon Consumption by Wildlife and Changes in Water Chemistry at Kennedy Creek during 1997–2000 Joseph Jauquet, Ned Pittman, Jeffrey A. Heinis, Steven Thompson, Nui Tatyama, and Jeff Cederholm

Aquatic Animal Colonization of Chum Salmon Carcasses in Hokkaido, Northern Japan Miyuki Nakajima and Tomiko Ito

Evidence for Hyporheic Transfer and Removal of Marine-Derived Nutrients in a Sockeye Stream in Southwest Alaska Thomas C. O’Keefe and Rick T. Edwards

Part Three: Replacing Lost Nutrients: Stream and Lake Fertilization

Experimental Nutrient Addition to the Keogh River and Application to the Salmon River in Coastal British Columbia Patrick A. Slaney, Bruce R. Ward, and James Craig Wightman

Evaluation of the Addition of Inorganic Nutrients and Stream Habitat Structures in the Keogh River Watershed for Steelhead Trout and Coho Salmon Bruce R. Ward, Donald J. F. McCubbing, and Patrick A. Slaney

Experimental Enrichment of Two Oligotrophic Rivers in South Coastal British Columbia Gregory A. Wilson, Kenneth I. Ashley, Robert W. Land, and Patrick A. Slaney

The Relationship between Nutrient Concentration and Stream Insect Abundance Darcie L. Quamme and Patrick A. Slaney

Restoration of Kokanee Salmon in the Arrow Lakes Reservoir, British Columbia: Preliminary Results of a Fertilization Experiment Roger Pieters, Shannon Harris, Lisa C. Thompson, Lidija Vidmanic, Meghan Roushorne, Greg Lawrence, John G. Stockner, Harvey Andrusak, Kenneth I. Ashley, Bob Lindsay, Ken Hall, and Darcy Lombard

Redfish Lake Sockeye Salmon: Nutrient Supplementation as a Means of Restoration Robert G. Griswold, Doug Taki, and John G. Stockner

Role of Riparian Red Alder in the Nutrient Dynamics of Coastal Streams of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA Carol J. Volk, Peter M. Kiffney, and Robert L. Edmonds

Part Four: Method Refinement

Trophic Level Implications When Using Natural Stable Isotope Abundance to Determine Effects of Salmon-Derived Nutrients on Juvenile Sockeye Salmon Ecology Thomas C. Kline, Jr.

Evaluations of Slow-Release Fertilizer for Rehabilitating Oligotrophic Streams Megan S. Sterling and Kenneth I. Ashley

Protocol for Applying Limiting Nutrients to Inland Waters Kenneth I. Ashley and John G. Stockner

Part Five: Innovative Ecosystem Management

Searching for an Ecological Life History Approach to Salmon Escapement Management E. Eric Knudsen, Eric W. Symmes, and F. Joseph Margraf

Toward New Escapement Goals: Integrating Ecosystem and Fisheries Management Goals John H. Michael, Jr.

Nutrient Addition to Restore Salmon Runs: Considerations for Developing Environmental Protection Policies and Regulations Robert T. Lackey