Fisheries in a Changing Climate


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Nature A. McGinn, editor

319 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, August 2002


Symposium 32

The “Fisheries in a Changing Climate Symposium” was held at the American Fisheries Society 2001 Annual Meeting. This symposium proceedings volume represents the culmination of a multi-agency effort, organized by AFS, Sea Grant, and others, to bring together scientists from U.S. and Canadian governmental agencies and universities to discuss fisheries and climate change. These scientists, faced with the release of the third global climate change assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the continued debate over the Kyoto Protocol, presented useful reviews and exciting new research on the past, present, and future impacts of climate change and variability on commercial, recreational, marine, and freshwater fisheries. The papers in the proceedings cover a wide geographical area from oceanic fisheries in the northwest Atlantic and northeast Pacific to inland fisheries in the Great Lakes and western U.S. rivers and streams. In addition to fisheries science research, some chapters detail the impacts of climate change on aquatic ecosystems and fisheries policy and management. This comprehensive volume will be a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in the topic and will serve as a guide to those continuing to research the future of fisheries in a changing climate. Table of Contents


Introduction Nature A. McGinn

Foreword Ronald C. Baird

Overview of the Symposium Brian J. Shuter, Robert F. Carline, and Nature A. McGinn

Part One: Climate Change Influence on Aquatic Ecosystems

Signals from Ice Cover Trends and Variability John J. Magnuson

Global Warming Influences on Water Levels, Ice, and Chemical and Biological Cycles in Lakes: Some Examples Brent M. Lofgren

Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Tidal Wetlands and Shallow-Water Habitats: a Case Study from Chesapeake Bay J. Court Stevenson, Michael S. Kearney, and Evamaria W. Koch

Part Two: Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Fish and Fisheries: Freshwater Ecosystems

Effects of Temperature, Global Extremes, and Climate Change on Year-Class Production of Warmwater, Coolwater, and Coldwater Fishes in the Great Lakes Basin John M. Casselman

Climate Change: Implications for Fish Growth Performance in the Great Lakes Stephen B. Brandt, Doran M. Mason, Michael J. McCormick, Brent Lofgren, Timothy S. Hunter, and Jeffrey A. Tyler

Climate Change, Freshwater Fish, and Fisheries: Case Studies from Ontario and Their Use in Assessing Potential Impacts Brian J. Shuter, Charles K. Minns, and Nigel Lester

Changing Fish Biodiversity: Predicting the Loss of Cyprind Biodiversity Due to Global Climate Change Donald A. Jackson and Nicholas E. Mandrak

Using Current Biogeographic Limits to Predict Fish Distributions Following Climate Change Frank J. Rahel

Part Three: Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Fish and Fisheries: Marine Ecosystems

A Review of the Role of Climate Variability in the Decline of Northern Cod K. F. Drinkwater

Influence of Rising Sea Temperature on Commercial Bivalve Species of the U.S. Atlantic Coast James R. Weinberg, Thomas G. Dahlgren, and Kenneth M. Halanych

Reef Faunal Response to Warming Middle U.S. Continental Shelf Waters R. O. Parker, Jr. and R. L. Dixon

Decadal Oscillations and Regime Shifts, a Characterization of the Chesapeake Bay Marine Climate Herbert M. Austin

Future Consequences of Climate Change for the Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem and Its Fisheries Robert J. Wood, Donald F. Boesch, and Victor S. Kennedy

Potential Consequences of Climate Change for the Fish Resources in the Mid-Atlantic Region David G. Mountain

Climate Variability and Pacific Sardine Populations and Fisheries G. A. McFarlane, P. E. Smith, T. R. Baumgartner, and J. R. Hunter

Dynamic Response of California Current Populations to Environmental Variability Louis W. Botsford, Cathryn A. Lawrence, M. Forrest Hill, Alan Hastings, and Kevin S. McCann

Effects of Climate and Stock Size on the Productivity of Pacific Halibut William G. Clark and Steven R. Hare

The Role of Climate in the Past, Present, and Future of Pacific Salmon Fisheries off the West Coast of Canada Richard J. Beamish and Donald J. Noakes

Cooperating with the Environment: Case Studies of Climate and Fisheries in the Northern California Current John C. Field and Robert C. Francis

Part Four: Adapting to Climate Change

Uncertainty in Scenarios of Human-Caused Climate Change Nathan J. Mantua and Philip W. Mote

A Future of Adapting to Climate Change and Variability John J. Magnuson

Symposium and Contributed Paper Session Abstracts

Report from the Stakeholders’ Forum on Fisheries and Climate Change

Bibliography of Climate Change-Related Papers in AFS Journals