Incorporating Uncertainty into Fishery Models


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Jim M. Berkson, Lisa L. Kline, and Donald J. Orth, editors

208 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society

Publication date: June 2002



Symposium 27

A valuable and much-needed reference, this book examines the full range of approaches for incorporating uncertainty or variability into fisheries work and ecosystem management.

This important book contains a series of new and original case studies with details of the context, purpose, methods, and results of each theoretical application. Indispensable to professionals, graduate students, and other academics, this book will be a continuing resource for applying uncertainty in the relationships involving fish population dynamics and management.

Table of Contents

About the Editors Preface Symbols and Abbreviations

Evolving Methodologies: From Creation to Application Jim Berkson, Lisa L. Kline, and Donald J. Orth

Coping with Uncertainty: Evolution of the Relationship Between Science and Management Pamela M. Mace and Michael P. Sissenwine

Management in the Face of Uncertainty: A Case Study with Amberjack Gregg T. Waugh and Susan Shipman

Mixed Monte Carlo/Bootstrap Approach to Assessing King and Spanish Mackerel in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico: Its Evolution and Impact Christopher M. Legault, Joseph E. Powers, and Victor R. Restrepo

Incorporating Uncertainty into Stock Assessments: a Case Study of Atlantic Striped Bass Gary R. Shepherd

A Stochastic Decision-Based Approach to Assessing the Status of the Delaware Bay Blue Crab Stock Thomas E. Helser, Alexei Sharov, and Desmond M. Kahn

Consideration of Uncertainty in Stock Assessment of Atlantic Menhaden D. S. Vaughan, M. H. Prager, and J. W. Smith

Bayesian Approaches to the Analysis of Uncertainty in the Stock Assessment of Pacific Halibut Ana M. Parma

Bayesian Analysis of Stock Survival and Recovery of Spring and Summer Chinook of the Snake River Basin Richard B. Deriso

Incorporating Uncertainty into Marine Mammal Management Debra Palka

Uncertainty, Risk, and Decision: The PVA Example Daniel Goodman