Fish Ecology in Arctic North America


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J. B. Reynolds, editor

345 pages Published by American Fisheries Society Publication date: 1997


Symposium 19: Proceedings of the “Fish Ecology in Arctic North America Symposium,” held at Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, May 19-21, 1992

This proceedings of a May 1992 symposium held in Alaska summarizes current knowledge of the biology and ecology of freshwater, anadromous, and marine fishes in arctic Alaska and Canada. Symposium topics addressed arctic and subarctic regions and included all arctic North American fishes, invertebrates, and their habitats. This volume contains valuable information for arctic fisheries scientists and managers, and will serve as a key fisheries reference for years to come.

This book is intended for:

* arctic fisheries scientists, and * arctic fisheries managers.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Circumpolar Perspective on the Importance of Fish Resources within the Arctic Ecosystem and Environmental Changes that Could Affect these Resources C. J. Herlugson

The Canadian Perspective on Issues in Arctic Fisheries Management and Research J. D. Reist

A Review of Fish Ecology in Arctic North America G. Power

A Review of the Physical Oceanography of the Northeastern Chukchi Sea T. J. Weingartner

Water Masses and Transport of Age-0 Arctic Cod and Age-0 Bering Flounder into the Northeastern Chukchi Sea T. Wyllie-Echeverria, W. E. Barber, and S. Wyllie-Echeverria

Population Structure and Feeding Ecology of Arctic Cod Schools in the Canadian High Arctic H. Hop, H. E. Welch, and R. E. Crawford

Distribution, Abundance, and Growth of Arctic Cod in the Northeastern Chukchi Sea J. G. Gillispie, R. L. Smith, E. Barbour, and W. E. Barber

Wind-Driven Transport and Dispersion of Age-0 Arctic Ciscoes along the Alaska Beaufort Coast J. M. Colonell and B. J. Gallaway

Relative Abundance and Maturity of Lake Trout from Walker Lake, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, Alaska, 1987-1988 F. J. Adams

Growth, Density, and Biomass of Lake Trout in Arctic and Subarctic Alaska J. M. Burr

Some Reproductive Characteristics of Least Ciscoes and Humpback Whitefish in Dease Inlet, Alaska L. L. Moulton, L. M. Philo, and J. C. George

Population Biology of the Bering Flounder in the Northeastern Chukchi Sea R. L. Smith, M. Vallarino, E. Barbour, E. Fitzpatrick, and W. E. Barber

Population Biology of the Arctic Staghorn Sculpin in the Northeastern Chukchi Sea R. L. Smith, W. E. Barber, M. Vallarino, J. Gillispie, and A. Ritchie

Biology of the Fish Doctor, an Eelpout, from Cornwallis Island, Northwest Territories, Canada J. M. Green and L. R. Mitchell

Effects of Low Temperatures and Starvation on Resistance to Stress in Presmolt Coho Salmon A. Moles, S. Korn, and S. Rice

Coastal Migrations of Arctic Ciscoes in the Eastern Beaufort Sea W. A. Bond and R. N. Erickson

Movements and Temperature Occupancy of Sonically Tracked Dolly Varden and Arctic Ciscoes in Camden Bay, Alaska L. E. Jarvela and L. K. Thorsteinson

Movements of Postsmolt Anadromous Dolly Varden in Northwestern Alaska A. L. DeCicco

Interpopulation Variation in Growth Rates of Broad Whitefish R. F. Tallman

Population Dynamics of Broad Whitefish in the Prudhoe Bay Region, Alaska B. J. Gallaway, R. G. Fechhelm, W. B. Griffiths, and J. G. Cole

Experimental Introduction of Arctic Grayling to a Rehabilitated Gravel Extraction Site, North Slope, Alaska C. R. Hemming

Growth or Reproduction: The Life History Gamble of Landlocked Arctic Char H. H. Parker

Identification of Arctic and Bering Ciscoes in the Colville River Delta, Beaufort Sea Coast, Alaska J. W. Bickham, J. C. Patton, S. Minzenmayer, L. L. Moulton, and B. J. Gallaway

Characteristics of a Lightly Exploited Population of Arctic Grayling in the Sinuk River, Seward Peninsula, Alaska A. L. DeCicco, M. F. Merritt, and A. E. Bingham

Population Genetic Structure of Dolly Varden from Beaufort Sea Drainages of Northern Alaska and Canada R. J. Everett, R. L. Wilmot, and C. C. Krueger

Variation and Specific Identity of Char from Northwestern Arctic Canada and Alaska J. D. Reist, J. D. Johnson, and T. J. Carmichael

Use of a Stress Index to Estimate Temperature and Salinity Stress in Arctic Ciscoes J. D. Bryan and R. G. Fechhelm

Estimating Abundance of Arctic Anadromous Fish in the Coastal Beaufort Sea during Summer: Is an Open Population Model Necessary? B. J. Gallaway, R. G. Fechhelm, and W. J. Gazey

Reproductive Biology and Distribution of the Snow Crab from the Northeastern Chukchi Sea J. M. Paul, A. J. Paul, and W. E. Barber

Weight-Length Relationships and Condition of Dolly Varden in Coastal Waters of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska T. J. Underwood, D. E. Palmer, L. A. Thorpe, and B. M. Osborne

Food Habits of Four Demersal Chukchi Sea Fishes K. O. Coyle, J. A. Gillispie, R. L. Smith, and W. E. Barber

Energy Content of Arctic Cod and Saffron Cod in the Northeastern Chukchi Sea R. L. Smith, J. M Paul, and J. Gillispie

Synthesis in Applied Fish Ecology: Twenty Years of Studies on Effects of Causeway Development on Fish Populations in the Prudhoe Bay Region, Alaska W. J. Wilson and B. J. Gallaway

Living with Uncertainty L. Johnson