11th Annual Larval Fish Conference


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R. D. Hoyt, editor

130 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, 1988


Symposium 5: The proceedings of the Larval Fish Conference held in Houghton, Michigan, June 1-3, 1987

Table of Contents

Preface N. A. Auer

Two Worlds for Fish Recruitment: Lakes and Oceans J. J. Magnuson

Description and Identification of Shortnose and Atlantic Sturgeon Larvae D. E. Snyder

Spawning of Atlantic Herring in the Gulf of St. Lawrence S. Messieh

Transplanting Pacific Herring Eggs in British Columbia: A Stocking Experiment D. E. Hay and J. B. Marliave

Estimation of Hatch Periods for Yellow Perch, Based on Otolith Readings from Juveniles (Age-0) P. M. Powles and S. M. Warlen

Evidence for Baseline Flow Spikes as Spawning Cues for Colorado Squawfish in the Yampa River, Colorado T. P. Nesler, R. T. Muth, and A. F. Wasowicz

Variation in Pigment and Nape Morphology of Larval Tidepool Sculpin J. B. Marliave

Marking Cyprinid Larvae with Tetracycline R. T. Muth, T. P. Nesler, and A. F. Wasowicz

Abundance, Distribution, Growth, and Mortality of Larval Lake Herring in Western Lake Superior J. T. Hatch and J. C. Underhill

Movements of Young Lake Sturgeons Stocked in the Menominee River, Wisconsin T. F. Thuemler

Spawning and Early Life History of Lake Sturgeon in the Lake Winnebago System, Wisconsin J. J. Kempinger

Sampling of Larval European Smelt: A Factorial Experiment M. Hilden and L. Urho