Propagated Fish in Resource Management


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Mary Nickum, Patricia Mazik, John Nickum, and Don MacKinlay, editors

640 pages, hardcover

Published by American Fisheries Society, 2005

ISBN 1-888569-69-7


Symposium 44

This book contains the peer-reviewed technical papers presented at a June 2003 symposium examining the effective use of fish culture as a tool for fisheries resource management.

The symposium identified information gaps in technical knowledge, debated the appropriateness of assumptions and current theories being used to make resource management decisions, and attempted to reconcile philosophical differences that have become an obstacle to science-based resource management. Ten AFS Sections collaborated in this effort that showcased several themes:

Table of Contents

Successes and Failures of Large-Scale Ecosystem Manipulation Using Hatchery Production: The Upper Great Lakes Experience Gary E. Whelan and James E. Johnson

Overview of Lake Stocking for Recreational Fisheries in Interior Alaska James T. Fish

Stocking Red Drum: Lessons Learned Wallace E. Jenkins, Theodore I. J. Smith, and Michael R. Denson

Pacific Salmon Hatcheries in British Columbia Don D. MacKinlay, Susan Lehmann, Joan Bateman, and Roberta Cook

Increasing Red Drum Abundance in South Carolina: Monitor, Regulate, and Stock Hatchery Fish Theodore I. J. Smith, Wallace E. Jenkins, Michael R. Denson, and Mark R. Collins

An Evaluation of Fresh Water Recoveries of Fish Released from National Fish Hatcheries in the Columbia River Basin, and Observations of Straying Stephen M. Pastor

Short-Term Survival of Small Walleye Fingerlings Stocked into Wisconsin Lakes Jeffrey M. Kampa, Martin J. Jennings, and Gene R. Hatzenbeler

Increasing Predation through Walleye Fingerling Stocking: A Recovery Tool for Saginaw Bay, Lake Hur David G. Fielder

Using a Fish-Stocking Database to Demonstrate Temporal Changes in Stocking Patterns George W. LaBar and Tom Frew

Fishery Management Perspectives

Trends in Agency Use of Propagated Fishes as a Management Tool in Inland Fisheries James R. Jackson, Jeff C. Boxrucker, and David W. Willis

Fundamentals of Fisheries Management, 2003: Developments in Wyoming since 1994 Robert W. Wiley

Perceptions about Science and Scientism in Fisheries Management: An Angler’s View Michael L. Smith

The Promise of Hatchery-Reared Fish and Hatchery Methodologies as Tools for Rebuilding Columbia Basin Salmon Runs: Yakima Basin Overview William J. Bosch

Lessons in Rehabilitation Stocking and Management of Lake Trout in Lake Huron James E. Johnson, Ji X. He, Aaron P. Woldt, Mark P. Ebener, Lloyd C. Mohr

Use of Propagated Fishes in Altered Environments in Texas William C. Provine, Richard W. Luebke, Roger L. McCabe, David R. Terre, Robert K. Betsill, Bobby Farquhar, and Todd Engeling

Recreational and Economic Benefits of Tennessee’s Reservoir and Tailwater Stocking Programs Francis C. Fiss, Timothy N. Churchill, and William C. Reeves

Management of Tropical Freshwater Fisheries with Stocking: The Past, Present, and Future of Propagated Fishes in Puerto Rico J. Wesley Neal, Richard L. Noble, Maria de Lourdes Olmeda, and Craig G. Lilyestrom

Managing Hybrid Bluegill Fisheries: Estimating and Predicting the Effects of Young Anglers Dana L. Winkelman and Clifton Sager

Risk Evaluation and Decision Making

Salmon Supplementation: Demography, Evolution, and Risk Assessment Daniel Goodman

Release of Captively Reared Adult Anadromous Salmonids for Population Maintenance and Recovery: Biological Trade-Offs and Management Considerations Barry Berejikian, Thomas Flagg, and Paul Kline

Managing the Intersection of Aquaculture Development and Invasive Species Gary C. Matlock

Critical Need for Rigorous Evaluation of Salmonid Propagation Programs Using Local Wild Broodstock Patrick L. Hulett, Cameron S. Sharpe, and Chris W. Wagemann

Uncertainty and Research Needs for Supplementing Wild Populations of Anadromous Pacific Salmon Reginald R. Reisenbichler

Practical Approaches for Assessing Risks of Hatchery Programs Kenneth P. Currens and Craig A. Busack

A Modified Suitability Index to Guide Selection of Stocking Waters for Juvenile Tiger Muskies Keith Koupal

A Historical Perspective on the Philosophy behind the Use of Propagated Fish in Fisheries Management: Michigan’s 130-Year Experience Gary E. Whelan

Salmon Hatcheries in Alaska—Plans, Permits, and Policies Designed to Provide Protection for Wild Stocks Steven G. McGee

Guidelines for Use of Captive Broodstocks in Recovery Efforts for Pacific Salmon Herbert A. Pollard, II and Thomas A. Flagg

Managing Imperiled Fish

Comparison of the Distribution and Recapture Rates of Acclimated and Nonacclimated Razorback Sucker Stocked into the Green River Timothy Modde, Garn J. Birchell, and Kevin D. Christopherson

Growth and Survival of Larval Razorback Sucker in Natural Floodplain Depressions Inhabited by Nonnative Fish in the Green River, Utah Garn J. Birchell and Kevin D. Christopherson

Use of Propagated Shortnose Sturgeon as Surrogates for Wild Fish Mark R. Collins, Theodore I. J. Smith, Vincent A. Mudrak, Robert Bakal, and Kent Ware

Dilemma on the Kootenai River—The Risk of Extinction or When Does the Hatchery Become the Best Option Vaughn L. Paragamian and Raymond C. P. Beamesderfer

Application of Captive Broodstocks to Preservation of ESA-Listed Stocks of Pacific Salmon: Redfish Lake Sockeye Salmon Case Example Thomas A. Flagg, W. Carlin McAuley, Paul A. Kline, Madison S. Powell, Doug Taki, and Jeffrey C. Gislason

Evaluating Reintroduction Strategies for Redfish Lake Sockeye Salmon Captive Broodstock Progeny J. Lance Hebdon, Paul Kline, Doug Taki, and Thomas A. Flagg

Managing Introduced Fish

Fish Assemblage Structure in an Oklahoma Ozark Stream before and after Rainbow Trout Introduction Maureen G. Walsh and Dana L. Winkelman

Unauthorized Fish Introductions: Fisheries Management of the People, for the People, or by the People? Frank J. Rahel

Managing Southwestern Native and Nonnative Fishes: Can We Mix Oil and Water and Expect a Favorable Solution? John N. Rinne, Larry Riley, Rob Bettaso, Roger Sorenson, and Kirk Young

A Tale of Two Parks: Management of Nonnative Lake Trout in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Wyoming, USA Scott Bosse

Diet Overlap of Introduced Rainbow Trout and Three Native Fishes in an Ozark Stream Daniel B. Fenner, Maureen G. Walsh, and Dana L. Winkelman

Genetics Considerations

Effects of 70 Years of Freshwater Residency on Survival, Growth, Early Maturation, and Smolting in a Stock of Anadromous Rainbow Trout from Southeast Alaska Frank P. Thrower and John E. Joyce

Improving Vulnerability to Angling of Rainbow Trout: A Selective Breeding Experiment Joseph R. Kozfkay, Daniel J. Schill, and David M. Teuscher

Introgressive Hybridization between Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Native Rainbow Trout in Big Creek, Idaho Michael P. Peterson, Matthew R. Campbell, Christine C. Cegelski, and Madison S. Powell

Stable Isotopic Composition of Otoliths from Hatchery and Wild Chinook Salmon in Makah Bay, Washington Yongwen Gao, Russell Svec, Steve Joner, Joe Hinton, and Dave Zajac

Fish Health Considerations

Evaluating and Understanding Fish Health Risks and Their Consequences in Propagated and Free-Ranging Fish Populations Christine M. Moffitt, Alf H. Haukenes, and Christopher J. Williams

Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus Traffic in the Columbia River Basin Gael Kurath, Kyle A. Garver, and Ryan M. Troyer

Susceptibility of Rainbow Trout Resistant to Myxobolus cerebralis to Selected Salmonid Pathogens Jerri L. Bartholomew, M. Mattes, Mansour El-Matbouli, Terry S. McDowell, and Ronald P. Hedrick

Hatchery Reform

A Scientific and Systematic Redesign of Washington State Salmonid Hatcheries H. Lee Blankenship and Elizabeth Daniels

A Review of Recent Studies Investigating Seminatural Rearing Strategies as a Tool for Increasing Pacific Salmon Postrelease Survival Desmond J. Maynard, Thomas A. Flagg, Robert N. Iwamoto, and Conrad V. W. Mahnken

Salmon Hatcheries for the 21st Century: A Model at Warm Springs National Hatchery Douglas E. Olson, Bob Spateholts, Mike Paiya, and Donald E. Campton

Conservation Hatchery Protocols for Pacific Salmon Thomas A. Flagg, Conrad V. W. Mahnken, and Robert N. Iwamoto

Genetic Diversity, Kinship Analysis, and Broodstock Management of Captive Atlantic Sturgeon for Population Restoration Anne P. Henderson, Adrian P. Spidle, and Tim L. King

Fish Culture System Design for the Future Brian Brazil, Brian Vinci, and Steve Summerfelt