AFS Journals Program

All you need to know about manuscript submission and subscription

IMG_5113 smallAFS publishes five prestigious peer-reviewed journals for fisheries professionals: Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, featuring papers on basic fisheries science; North American Journal of Fisheries Management, covering management research, experiences, and recommendations; North American Journal of Aquaculture, providing guidance for those who breed and raise aquatic animals; Journal of Aquatic Animal Health, focusing on health maintenance and disease treatment; and Marine and Coastal Fisheries, focusing on marine, coastal, and estuarine fisheries.

To access these journals directly on Taylor & Francis's website, please click here. You may also find useful our additional guidance on the typical manuscript submission process and the terms and conditions associated with the use of Taylor & Francis.

Learn more about our Featured Paper program, providing faster publication, waived publication fees, and enhanced visibility and outreach for potential high-impact papers.

You can subscribe to these journals as an individual member of AFS, as an institution, or as a library.  Please check out our latest subscription rates.