Manuscript Submission Guidelines

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As an author, if you are submitting your manuscript to a journal that uses ScholarOne Manuscripts™, you should find that the peer review process is faster and more streamlined (reviewers and editors can review the files online wherever they are in the world, so there are no postal delays, and reminders are sent automatically).

You can access the journal’s ScholarOne Manuscripts™ site from the Instructions for Authors link on the journal homepage, and log in or create an account.

Once you have created an account, you will be able to submit your manuscript, as well as any revisions or future manuscripts, from your Author Centre. You can also edit your account, and view the five most recent emails regarding your submission.

The submission process on ScholarOne Manuscripts™ is straightforward, and will lead you through the process step by step, to ensure you complete all required elements. Authors can now submit their EndNote manuscripts to benefit from a fast-pass submission process, and can easily add any co-authors to a submission. The final checklist stage will then provide you with the opportunity to view a system-created PDF of your manuscript before submitting it.

Once you have submitted your manuscript, your article will be assigned a unique manuscript ID number, which will allow you to track the status of your submission, and, in some cases the system will send you an automated email to confirm that your manuscript has been received by the journal editorial office.

You should find that the system is very user-friendly, and you can get help at any time via the Get Help Now section/FAQ Knowledgebase. If you forget your password, you can enter your email address in the Password Help field and click Go, and the system will send you an email containing instructions for resetting your password. If you are unsure whether you have an account, please do not create a new account.