So You Want to Make a Film: An Introduction to Creating Videos for Broader Impacts in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Today’s society has greater access to video media than ever before (Duffy 2008; Mulhern 2009). The rapid expansion of the Internet (Web 2.0) in the 1990s followed by the proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the early 21st century have put people across the globe in front of screens not just capable of text and photos but also video in a range of formats. For instance,
approximately 77% of adults in the United States currently own a smartphone (Pew Research Center 2018) and 68% of smartphone owners get news from their phones (Pew Research
Center 2015), much of which is presented as video content. The attention span of consumers of online media products has been reduced to small bites of information, and a story conveyed in video format can add greater depth to the subject matter in a condensed amount of time as compared to other formats. Stories conveyed through video media also have the benefit of catering to an audience that absorbs information visually, rather than via text (Duffy 2008).

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By: Andy J. Danylchuk, Campbell Morgan, and Nichole Ring