Living Fossil Fishes

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Solomon David with a Great Lakes Basin Spotted Gar Lepisosteus culatus collected during a field survey at University of Michigan. Photo credit: Solomon David.

by Natalie Sopinka—AFS Contributing Writer [email protected] Solomon David lives and breathes for all things Bowfin Amia calva, sturgeon, lungfish, and especially gar. How fitting, since these relics of earth’s geologic past are still living and breathing today. The curator of the website, and Twitter account @PrimitiveFishes, David’s interest with ancient fishes started at childhood with a Ranger Rick article on Alligator Gar Atractosteus spatula. Now a postdoctoral associate at Shedd Aquarium and the University of Wisconsin, David is a researcher, conservationist, and advocate of these often misunderstood and underappreciated fishes. One such fish is the bichir. Bichirs are now catching the attention of evolutionary scientists. Is it the multitude of Stegosaurus-like dorsal finlets running along a bichir’s spine?
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