President’s Commentary

PRESIDENT’S COMMENTARY: Communicating Fisheries Information

A key tenet of the AFS mission is to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems. Toward that end, AFS uses a variety of communications approaches that were reviewed in the recent Strategic Communications Plan developed by the Potomac Communications Group under the leadership of Past President Donna Parrish ( plan).... Read More


Serving as an American Fisheries Society (AFS) officer is an honor and a privilege that comes with many responsibilities. One of these that I wanted to shed some light on in this column is the travel to represent the Society at various meetings of fisheries professionals. Many of these trips are to AFS Units in... Read More

PRESIDENT’S COMMENTARY: AFS Professional Certification 101

We are all aware that professional certification and licensing are required for practitioners in fields like medicine, law, and engineering. Although not as well known and not typically required for employment, many natural resource scientific professional organizations provide certification programs for their members. Some examples are the Ecological Society of America (certified ecologist), the Society... Read More


Perhaps you are thinking from the title of this commentary that it deals with methods of estimating relative abundance or the size of a particular fish population. However, it is far from that. The title is borrowed from a classic children’s book by Dr. Seuss: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (Seuss 1960).... Read More

Sparking Interest in Fisheries

We all have our stories as to how we got on a path to this profession. I’m sure that many members like me first got the bug as a child while fishing with a parent, relative, or friend. Those experiences of trying to figure out where fish are located based on their behaviors in a... Read More

January 2016: Fisheries Down Under

By Gary Jackson ([email protected]) and Ron Essig AFS is a lot more than a United States fisheries society. Of course, North America has been at the forefront, but AFS has members from about 60 countries. AFS has been a leader in the World Fisheries Council that organizes the World Fisheries Congress held every four years,... Read More

December 2015: The Big AFS Tent

Variety in membership is what keeps AFS strong and vibrant and provides many opportunities for engagement in Society business on a voluntary basis at a number of different levels. The volunteer nature of AFS means that it must be flexible and forgiving as an organization to meet a variety of member needs. The AFS current... Read More

November 2015: The Power of a Motion

We’ve probably all experienced the following scenario. An idea surfaces during lengthy discussion in a meeting that could move a group forward. Several meeting participants agree that the idea is a good one. With luck, this idea is recorded in meeting minutes; however, it is never acted on later. With typical member turnover in any... Read More