Common and Scientific Names of Aquatic Invertebrates from the United States and Canada: Crustaceans


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Patsy A. McLaughlin, David K. Camp, et al., contributors

545 pages, index

Published by American Fisheries Society, August 2005



Special Publication 31

This edition represents the second edition of the list of decapod crustaceans and the first edition of the list of all other crustacean groups, including terrestrial, freshwater, and marine forms. The list has been greatly expanded to include more than 9,000 species from the United States (now including Hawaiian species) and Canada. Several detailed appendices have been added, including changes and additions to the entries for decapod crustaceans from the first edition and lists of endangered or threatened species, presumably extinct species, and nonindigenous species. The introduction is also expanded to include a detailed description of the diversity within the subphylum Crustacea.

This reference was compiled in cooperation with The Crustacean Society. Includes a companion CD-ROM.

Table of Contents

Contributors Foreword Dedication Alphabetical List of Families by Class Systematic List of Families by Class and Order

Introduction History and Background of the Lists Plan of the List Area of Coverage of the List Scientific Names in the List Common Names in the List Future of the List AFS Principles Governing the Selection of Common Names Acknowledgments

Diversity in the Crustacea

Part I

Scientific Name, Occurence, and Accepted Common Name Class Branchiopoda Class Cephalocarida Class Maxillopoda Class Ostracoda Class Malacostraca

Part II

Appendix 1: Changes from the 1989 List of the Decapod Crustaceans and Comments Appendix 2: Endangered and Threatened Crustaceans of North America and Hawaii Appendix 3: North American and Hawaiian Crustaceans Presumed Extinct Appendix 4: Nonindigenous Crustaceans Established in North America and Hawaii Appendix 5: Literature Cited

Part III


Portfolio of Crustacean Diversity