Slipke’s Fish Aging Tools (S-FAT)


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Compact Disc, 2011


Slipke’s Fish Aging Tools (S-FAT )is an add-on software package designed to extend the utility of Fishery Analysis and Simulation Tools (FAST). S-FAT adds the following features to FAST:

• Ability to randomly assign ages to a sample of un-aged fish based on a subsample of known-age fish.

• Ability to compute back-calculated lengths-at-age from measurements made from fish bony structures (otoliths, spines, etc).

• Addition of an age-length key menu item to allow users to randomly assign ages to un-aged fish based on a sub-sample of known-age fish.

• Enhanced slot limit option of the Yield-Per-Recruit model to allow users to select a length of interest. This will allow computation of the number of fish in the population reaching a particular length in addition to the number of fish reaching the lower and upper slot limits.

• Addition of more species and their associated length categories and standard weight equations based on the 3rd Edition of Fisheries Techniques.

In addition, S-FAT includes a free bonus upgrade to FAST 3.0. This upgrade cannot be purchased separately, and requires a previous version of FAST to be installed on the computer. In addition to fixing several minor problems with FAST, version 3.0 includes additional error checking to prevent accidental program crashes.

Compatible with Windows 95 and XP. Each copy licensed for only 1 machine.

Important: This software is not compatible with Windows 7 operating systems.