FishBC, version 3.0.1


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FishBC is a computer program that computes back-calculated lengths using the traditional Lee method, and age-length keys from fish bony structures. This program eliminates the tedium of writing customized algorithms in popular spreadsheets that are difficult to make user friendly.

FishBC also makes data entry easier then ever by utilizing several methods of data entry including; manually entering measurement data into the FishBC spreadsheet, measuring bony structures with a digitizing tablet, and you can also capture images from a digital camera mounted on a microscope and digitally measure the hard part on the screen.

Output data are displayed in multiple spreadsheets within the program and can be easily exported to popular spreadsheet formats.

Each copy licensed for only 1 machine.

Compatible with Windows 95 and XP. Each copy licensed for only 1 machine.

Important: This software is not compatible with Windows 7 operating systems.