Fisheries Ecosystem Planning for Chesapeake Bay


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NOAA Chesapeake Bay Fisheries Ecosystem Advisory Panel

410 pages, subject index

Published by American Fisheries Society

Publication date: November 2006

ISBN 1-888569-75-1

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Since European settlement, the Chesapeake Bay’s estuarine system has supported major fisheries and the livelihoods of residents. Over recent decades, however, many of the fish and shellfish that supported these fisheries have declined.

This work describes the structure and function of the bay’s ecosystem, including key habitats and species interactions. Recommendations to implement ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management for bay resident and coastal species are included, as well as recommendations for research to enhance knowledge of the ecosystem and its fisheries.



Authors & Acknowledgments

CHAPTER 1: A Fisheries Ecosystem Plan for the Chesapeake Bay

CHAPTER 2: Managed Fisheries of the Chesapeake Bay

CHAPTER 3: Structural Elements of the Fisheries Ecosystem Plan

Element 1: Ecosystem Boundaries: Defining the Management Unit

Element 2: Food Web Interactions and Modeling

Element 3: Habitat, Habitat Requirements, and Habitat Management

Element 4: Patterns of Total Removals

Element 5: Characterization and Incorporation of Uncertainty in Fisheries Management

Element 6: Indicators of Ecosystem Health and Biological Reference Points

Element 7: Monitoring in Support of Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management

Element 8: Externalities

Element 9: Economic and Social Dimensions of the Fisheries Ecosystem

CHAPTER 4: Developing Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management Plans

CHAPTER 5: Pathways to Fisheries Ecosystem Plan Implementation

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