Mysteries from the Yukon: The Adventures of a Junior Biologist


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Lawrence S. Buklis, author

218 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society

Publication date: June 2003


Searching for lost gold from the Klondike, chasing thieves in a blinding snowstorm, plunging through raging waters on a hydropower project gone wrong–three fast-paced adventures await readers in grades 5 through 9. Through the experiences of a fisheries biologist and his family on the legendary Yukon River, these adventures help feed the dream: Could this be me?

Table of Contents

Author’s Note

Book One: Mystery at Fish Camp

I. Anchorage II. Emmonak III. Getting Settled IV. The Fishery V. Fish Camp VI. Warning Message VII. Stakeout VIII. Capture! IX. Explanation X. Teamwork XI. Decoding Clues XII. Disappointment XIII. Fish Camp Revisited XIV. Treasure Shared

Book Two: Snowbound

I. Special Project II. To Fairbanks III. Museum Exhibit IV. The Bear River V. A Neighbor VI. Winter Study VII. Snowstorm VIII. Forced Landing IX. Help Declined X. Snowbound XI. Flight XII. Tracking XIII. Rescue XIV. Homeward Bound

Book Three: Save the Wild Wind

I. The Wind River II. Power for Sale III. Public Notice IV. Groundwork V. Field Studies VI. Save the Wind River VII. Public Hearings – Part I VIII. Where the Fish Go IX. Pressure from Within X. Background Search XI. Public Hearings – Part II XII. Breakthrough XIII. Unexpected Encounter XIV. Epilogue