Guide to Fisheries Education Resources for Grades K-12


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A. Crook and M. Zint, principals

57 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, December 1998


Fisheries professionals and others with an interest in fish, fishing, and fisheries management issues view youth education as an important step in developing a more informed, responsible citizenry. Their goal is to cultivate more environmentally knowledgeable citizens by promoting aquatic resource understanding as early as kindergarten.

To support this goal, a variety of aquatic resource education materials and programs have been developed for use in schools and more informal settings. For the first time, however, these materials have been inventoried and reviewed in a single guide¾Guide to Fisheries Education Resources for Grades K-12. This guide is unique in that it focuses on fisheries content rather than on specific education objectives.

This guide helps instructors select appropriate resources to meet their fisheries and aquatic education needs. All the materials were evaluated based on goals, key issues, and concepts that were identified by a panel of experts to be important for fisheries education. Each review includes the name of the material, the year it was developed, the cost, where it can be obtained, and a description of the content and objectives. A comprehensive summary chart profiles¾at a glance¾the target audience and how well the material meets eight issues key to fisheries education.

This book reviews:

* Bibliographies * Directories * Catalogs for additional information * Fisheries-related organizations

This book is intended for:

* aquatic resource teachers * fisheries professionals * anyone interested in natural resources education, fishing, and fisheries management issues

Table of Contents


Who Should Use this Guide?

How to Use this Guide

Help us Improve this Guide

More About this Guide

Development of a Fisheries Education Framework

Identification, collection, and selection of fisheries education materials

Review of fisheries education materials

Production of the fisheries education guide

Limitations of this Guide

Gaps and Needs




Other Resources for Fisheries Education

* Materials received after the deadline * Materials that did not meet the selection criteria * Bibliographies, Directories, and Catalogs for Additional Information * Fisheries-Related Organizations for Additional Information




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