Methods for Fish Biology


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C. B. Schreck and P. B. Moyle, editors

704 pages Published by American Fisheries Society Publication date: 1990 Reprinted in 2002



This much-needed text, a companion to Fisheries Techniques, is designed as both a reference and a handbook for the study of fishes. It is a source of methods commonly used to research fish genetics, systematics, anatomy, physiology, developmental biology, toxicology, behavior, and ecology. Each of its 20 chapters also provides a comprehensive introduction to the literature of its field. The main emphasis is on methodology, but the pros and cons of alternative procedures also are treated, as are the uses and misuses of data generated by the techniques. An excellent teaching text and reference book.

This book is intended for:

* fisheries professors * fisheries students * professional biologists * technicians * administrators, and * biologist-planners.

Table of Contents

List of Fish Species Preface

Research Methods: Concept and Design W. E. Waters and D. C. Erman

Genetics F. W. Allendorf and M. M. Ferguson

Systematics J. G. Lundberg and L. A. McDade

Taxonomic Methods: Morphology R. E. Strauss and C. E. Bond

Starch Gel Electrophoresis and Species Distinctions R. F. Leary and H. E. Booke

Chromosome Preparation and Analysis G. H. Thorgaard and J. E. Disney

Histological Techniques D. E. Hinton

Anesthesia, Surgery, and Related Techniques R. C. Summerfelt and L. S. Smith

Blood and Circulation A. H. Houston

Respirometry J. J. Cech, Jr.

Growth G. P. Busacker, I. R. Adelman, and E. M. Goolish

Bioenergetics S. M. Adams and J. E. Breck

Nervous System D. F. Russell

Stress and Acclimation G. A. Wedemeyer, B. A. Barton, and D. J. McLeay

Aquatic Toxicology J. B. Sprague

Reproduction L. W. Crim and B. D. Glebe

Behavior D. L. G. Noakes and J. R. Baylis

Autecology D. M. Baltz

Community Ecology L. B. Crowder

Maintaining Fishes for Research and Teaching R. R. Stickney and C. C. Kohler

Symbols and Abbreviations Index

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Methods for Fish Biology

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