Impacts on Warmwater Streams: Guidelines for Evaluation


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C. F. Bryan and D. Allen Rutherford, editors

295 pages, Published by Southern Division, American Fisheries Society, Publication date: 1995

Table of Contents

Contents Preface List of Reviewers

Point-Source Discharges

M. D. McDaniel


B. L. Yeager

Dikes and Levees

C. H. Pennington and F. D. Shields


W. D. Hubbard, D. C. Jackson, and D. J. Ebert


D. J. Ebert

Clearing and Snagging

S. P. Cobb and J. Kaufman


R. W. Christie, D. E. Allen, and G. J. Jobsis

Instream Sand and Gravel Mining

K. L. Nelson


F. E. Payne and David Bell

Oil and Gas Activities

C. J. Killebrew

Road and Bridge Construction

J. D. Little and J. J. Mayer

Timber Harvest

S. P. Filipek

Land Drainage

D. T. Cox

Agricultural Practices

O. F. Fajen and J. B. Layzer


A. V. Zale, O. E. Maughan, D. J. Orth, and W. Layher