Historical Changes in Large River Fish Assemblages of the Americas


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John N. Rinne, Robert M. Hughes, and Bob Calamusso, editors

612 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, 2005

Symposium 45

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781888569728


Dramatic changes have occurred in the functioning of larger rivers because of social values and policies, land use, inchannel causes, and alien species. These changes have resulted in the reduction in range and abundance of many native fish species. This book describes the historical changes observed in the fish assemblages of 27 large rivers in North, Central, and South America. A synthesizing chapter highlights common and distinct patterns among the rivers and their stressors.

The book focuses on entire fish assemblages, including the many species that do not enter fisheries. It will be of interest to both fishery biologists and aquatic ecologists who are concerned with the status and trends in biodiversity and biointegrity. Contains historical information as well as new research and monitoring results, including research on metapopulations, genetics, and life history strategies.

Table of Contents

Preface Reviewers Symbols and Abbreviations

Introduction to Historical Changes in Large River Fish Assemblages of the Americas Robert M. Hughes, John N. Rinne, and Bob Calamusso

Stability, Change, and Species Composition of Fish Assemblages in the Lower Mackenzie River: A Pristine Large River Ross F. Tallman, Kimberly L. Howard, and Sam Stephenson

Composition and Changes to the Fish Assemblage in a Large Sub-Arctic Drainage: The Lower Slave River Ross F. Tallman, Kimberly L. Howland, G. Low, W. M. Tonn, and A. Little

Historical and Current Perspectives on Fish Assemblages of the Snake River, Idaho and Wyoming Terry R. Maret and Christopher A. Mebane

Changes in Fish Assemblage Structure in the Main-Stem Willamette River, Oregon Robert M. Hughes, Randall C. Wildman, and Stanley V. Gregory

Native Fishes of the Sacramento–San Joaquin Drainage, California: A History of Decline Larry R. Brown and Peter B. Moyle

Historical Changes in Fishes of the Virgin–Moapa River System: Continuing Decline of a Unique Native Fauna Paul B. Holden, James E. Deacon, and Michael E. Golden

Changes in Fish Assemblages, Verde River, Arizona, 1974–2003 John N. Rinne

Changes in Hydrology and Fish Fauna in the Gila River, Arizona–New Mexico: Epitaph for a Native Fish Fauna? John N. Rinne, Jeffrey R. Simms, and Heidi Blasius

A Legacy of Change: The Lower Colorado River, Arizona–California–Nevada, USA, and Sonora–Baja California Norte, Mexico Gordon A. Mueller, Paul C. Marsh, and W. L. Minckley (Deceased)

Ecology and Conservation of Native Fishes in the Upper Colorado River Basin Richard A. Valdez and Robert T. Muth

Historic Changes in the Rio Grande Fish Fauna: Status, Threats, and Management of Native Species Bob Calamusso, John N. Rinne, and Robert J. Edwards

Historical Changes in the Index of Biological Integrity for the Lower Río Nazas, Durango, México Salvador Contreras-Balderas, María de Lourdes Lozano-Vilano, and María E. García-Ramírez

Historical Changes in Fish Distribution and Abundance in the Platte River in Nebraska E. J. Peters and S. Schainost

Spatiotemporal Patterns and Changes in Missouri River Fishes David L. Galat, Charles R. Berry, William M. Gardner, Jeff C. Hendrickson, Gerald E. Mestl, Greg J. Power, Clifton Stone, and Matthew R. Winston

Changes in Fish Assemblage Structure of the Red River of the North Luther P. Aadland, Todd M. Koel, William G. Franzin, Kenneth W. Stewart, and Patrick Nelson

A Comparison of the Pre- and Postimpoundment Fish Assemblage of the Upper Mississippi River (Pools 4–13) with an Emphasis on Centrarchids Jeffrey A. Janvrin

Fish Assemblage Structure, Composition, and Biotic Integrity of the Wisconsin River John Lyons

Wabash River Fishes from 1800 to 2000 James R. Gammon

Changes in the Biological Integrity of Fish Assemblages in the Patoka River Drainage as a Result of Anthropogenic Disturbance from 1888 to 2001 Thomas P. Simon, Ronda L. Dufour, and Brant E. Fisher

Changes in Fish Assemblage Status in Ohio’s Nonwadeable Rivers and Streams over Two Decades Chris O. Yoder, Edward T. Rankin, Marc A. Smith, Brian C. Alsdorf, David J. Altfater, Charles E. Boucher, Robert J. Miltner, Dennis E. Mishne, Randall E. Sanders, and Roger F. Thoma

Detection of Temporal Trends in Ohio River Fish Assemblages Based on Lockchamber Surveys (1957–2001) Jeff A. Thomas, Erich B. Emery, and Frank H. McCormick

The Susquehanna River Fish Assemblage: Surveys, Composition, and Changes Blaine D. Snyder

Changes in Fish Assemblages in the Tidal Hudson River, New York Robert A. Daniels, Karin E. Limburg, Robert E. Schmidt, David L. Strayer, and R. Christopher Chambers

Fish Assemblage Structure in Relation to Multiple Stressors along the Saint John River, New Brunswick, Canada R. Allen Curry and Kelly R. Munkittrick

Changes in the Fish Fauna of the Kissimmee River Basin, Peninsular Florida: Nonnative Additions Leo G. Nico

Status and Conservation of the Fish Fauna of the Alabama River System Mary C. Freeman, Elise R. Irwin, Noel M. Burkhead, Byron J. Freeman, and Henry L. Bart, Jr.

Historical Changes in the Rio das Velhas Fish Fauna—Brazil Carlos Bernardo M. Alves and Paulo S. Pompeu

Historical Changes in Large River Fish Assemblages of the Americas: A Synthesis Robert M. Hughes, John N. Rinne, and Bob Calamusso