Catch and Release in Marine Recreational Fisheries


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Jon A. Lucy and Anne L. Studholme, editors

275 pages, hardcover

Published by American Fisheries Society

Publication date: August 2002



Symposium 30

Catch-and-release fishing has a long history in freshwater recreational fisheries as a management tool to reduce the impact of fishing on fish populations. Aside from regulatory requirements, freshwater anglers have long practiced catch-and-release fishing in the interests of promoting conservation-oriented angling. However, in comparison to freshwater, catch and release fishing in marine fisheries is proving more difficult to define relative to its full impact on anglers and use as a fishery management tool. This symposium proceeding brings together information from researchers, fishery managers, coastal resource management and conservation organizations, and angling community leaders, addressing the issues that have arisen in relation to recreational fishing.

Table of Contents

Preface Introduction Steering Committee


History and Application of Catch-and-Release Fishing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly G. C. Radonski

Catch and Release: A Management Tool for Florida R. S. Nelson

Why Does Marine Fisheries Management Now Require Releasing Caught Fish? G. C. Matlock

A Human Dimensions Perspective on Catch-and-Release Fishing R. B. Ditton

Cultural Values and Change: Catch and Release in Alaska’s Sport Fisheries J. Lyman

Comparative Hooking Effects and Mortality

Hook-and-Release Mortality of Chinook Salmon from Drift Mooching with Circle Hooks: Management Implications for California’s Ocean Sport Fishery A. M. Grover, M. S. Mohr, and M. L. Palmer-Zwahlen

A Comparison of Circle Hook and Straight Hook Performance in Recreational Fisheries for Juvenile Atlantic Bluefin Tuna G. B. Skomal, B. C. Chase, and E. D. Prince

A Comparison of Circle Hook and “J” Hook Performance in Recreational Catch-and-Release Fisheries for Billfish E. D. Prince, M. Ortiz, and A. Venizelos

A Preliminary Comparison of the Relative Mortality and Hooking Efficiency of Circle and Straight Shank (“J”) Hooks Used in the Pelagic Longline Industry B. Falterman and J. E. Graves

A Review of the Methods Used to Estimate, Reduce, and Manage Bycatch Mortality of Pacific Halibut in the Commercial Longline Groundfish Fisheries of the Northeast Pacific R. J. Trumble, S. M. Kaimmer, and G. H. Williams

Extended Abstracts:

Hook Location, Fish Size, and Season as Factors Influencing Catch-and-Release Mortality of Striped Bass Caught with Bait in Chesapeake Bay R. Lukacovic and J. H. Uphoff, Jr.

The Influence of Hook Type, Hook Wound Location, and Other Variables Associated with Post Catch-and-Release Mortality in the U.S. Summer Flounder Recreational Fishery M. H. Malchoff, J. Gearhart, J. Lucy, and P. J. Sullivan

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Circle Hooks in New Jersey’s Recreational Summer Flounder Fishery S. R. Zimmerman and E. A. Bochenek

Catch-and-Release Mortality Studies of Spotted Seatrout and Red Drum in Coastal Alabama J. Duffy

Short-Term Hook Release Mortality in Chesapeake Bay’s Recreational Tautog Fishery J. A. Lucy and M. D. Arendt

Stress Effects Related to Catch and Release

Strategies for Quantifying Sub-Lethal Effects of Marine Catch-and-Release Angling: Insights from Novel Freshwater Applications S. J. Cooke, J. F. Schreer, K. M. Dunmall, and D. P. Philipp

Extended Abstracts:

The Physiological Effects of Angling on Post-Release Survivorship in Tunas, Sharks, and Marlin G. B. Skomal and B. C. Chase

Effects of Catch and Release on Physiological Responses and Acute Mortality of Striped Bass J. A. Thompson, S. G. Hughes, E. B. May, and R. M. Harrell

A Bioenergetic Evaluation of the Chronic-Stress Hypothesis: Can Catch-and-Release Fishing Constrain Striped Bass Growth? J. D. Stockwell, P. J. Diodati, and M. P. Armstrong

Survival of Reef Fish After Rapid Depressurization: Field and Laboratory Studies K. M. Burns and V. Restrepo

Conventional and Ultrasonic Tagging Studies

In-Water Conventional Tagging Techniques Developed by the Cooperative Tagging Center for Large, Highly Migratory Species E. D. Prince, M. Ortiz, A. Venizelos, and D. S. Rosenthal

Factors Affecting Robust Estimates of the Catch-and-Release Mortality Using Pop-Off Tag Technology C. P. Goodyear

Extended Abstracts:

Survival of Juvenile Northern Bluefin Tuna Following Catch and Release, Using Ultrasonic Telemetry R. Brill, M. Lutcavage, G. Metzger, P. Bushnell, M. Arendt, and J. Lucy

Intermediate-Term (6 Month) Survival of Adult Tautog Following Catch and Release, Determined by Ultrasonic Telemetry M. D. Arendt and J. A. Lucy

A Pneumatic Cradle for Handling and Tagging of Wahoo and Other Large Pelagic Fishes A. Nash, J. Whiting, and B. E. Luckhurst

Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program: Trained Anglers Making a Contribution to Fisheries Research, Management, and Conservation J. A. Lucy, C. M. Bain III, and M. D. Arendt

Angler Attitudes and Behavior

Extended Abstracts:

The Discourse About Catch and Release in Recreational Fishing in Europe: Implications for North America Ø. Aas, C. E. Thailing, and R. B. Ditton

Understanding Catch-and-Release Behavior Among U.S. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Anglers S. G. Sutton and R. B. Ditton

To Keep or Release: Understanding Differences in Angler Behavior A. J. Fedler

National Marine Fisheries Service’s Recreational Fisheries Database: Applications in Catch-and-Release Behavior and Angling Profiling B. Gentner

Management Issues

Negative Implications of Large Minimum Size Regulations on Future Mean Size At Age: An Evaluation Using Simulated Striped Bass Data P. Goodyear

Extended Abstracts:

The Role of Catch-and-Release Mortality Estimates in the Assessment of Marine Fish Populations G. R. Shepherd and M. Terceiro

Preliminary Analysis of No-Take Reserves On World Records At Cape Canaveral, Florida J. A. Bohnsack

Importance of Release Habitat for Survival of Stocked Barramundi in Northern Australia D.J. Russell and M. A. Rimmer