Larval Fish and Shellfish Transport Through Inlets


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M. P. Weinstein, editor

165 pages; Published by American Fisheries Society; Publication date: 1988


Symposium 3

Advances in understanding of how larvae overcome distance, currents, tides, and salinity gradients to reach their nursery habitats and stay there, and of how recruitment success is affected by construction around estuarine inlets.

Table of Contents

Preface, M. P. Weinstein, D. G. Clarke, and E. J. Pullen

1. Shelf-Estuarine Water Exchanges between the Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Bay, Alabama W. J. Wiseman, Jr., W. W. Schroeder, and S. P. Dinnel

2. Transport Model for Water Exchange between Coastal Inlet and the Open Ocean D.-P. Wang

3. Observations on Inlet Flow Patterns Derived from Numerical and Physical Modeling Studies W. C. Seabergh

4. Sampling Optimization for Studies of Tidal Transport in Estuaries B. Kjerfve and T. G. Wolaver

5. Physical Oceanographic Processes Affecting Larval Transport Around and Through North Carolina Inlets L. J. Pietrafesa and G. S. Janowitz

6. Roles of Behavioral and Physical Factors in Larval and Juvenile Fish Recruitment to Estuarine Nursery Areas G. W. Boehlert and B. C. Mundy

7. Physical Processes and the Mechanisms of Coastal Migrations of Immature Marine Fishes J. M. Miller

8. Ocean-Estuary Coupling of Ichthyoplankton and Nekton in the Northern Gulf of Mexico R. F. Shaw, B. D. Rogers, J. H. Cowan, Jr., and W. H. Herke

9. Export and Reinvasion of Larvae as Regulators of Estuarine Decapod Populations J. R. McConaugha

10. Transport of Invertebrate Larvae between Estuaries and the Continental Shelf C. E. Epifanio

11. Modeling of Physical and Behavioral Mechanisms Influencing Recruitment of Spot and Atlantic Croaker to the Cape Fear Estuary J. P. Lawler, M. P. Weinstein, H. Y. Chen, and T. L. Englert

12. Distribution of Fish Eggs and Larvae and Patterns of Water Circulation in Narragansett Bay, 1972-1973 D. W. Bourne and J. J. Govoni

13. Null Hypothesis, Models, and Statistical Designs in the Study of Larval Transport D. R. Colby

Epilogue, M. P. Weinstein