Call for Aquatic Invasive Species Experts

AFS is looking for experts in Aquatic Invasive Species to help inform an important policy initiative!

AFS has identified invasive species as a key challenge for aquatic resources and called for a focus on preventing introduction of new invasive species and control of existing invasive species. For decades, a patchwork of federal and state laws has directed billions of dollars at AIS, yet the problem continues to grow and will only increase as climate change intensifies.

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership has convened a commission of leading scientists, conservationists, anglers, boaters, business leaders, and policy experts to assess the current threat from AIS and gaps in public policy and funding. AFS Policy Director, Drue Winters, will represent AFS on the commission. Over the next 18 month, the commission will be working to develop recommendations for how AIS can be addressed more effectively at the Federal, State, Tribal, and regional levels.

AFS will be forming an AIS Policy Working Group to help inform this process. Members of the working group will advise on policy gaps and funding needs, propose solutions and evaluate recommendations as they are suggested.   We will meet monthly for 1 hour to discuss certain topics to help Drue prepare for AIS Commission meetings and review and feedback on draft products as they are developed.

At the conclusion of this process, the commission’s recommendations will be distributed to the media and key policy makers and the group’s steering committee will work to secure the proposed remedies from the report.  AFS’ goal is to robustly contribute to and inform the process so that the commission’s recommendations can then be presented to the AFS Governing Board for adoption as an official AFS policy position.

Interested experts should contact Drue Winters at [email protected] no later than March 15, 2022 for consideration.