American Fisheries Society Debuts New Logo

At the AFS Business Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, on November 9, 2021, we were proud to debut a new logo as we embark on our next 150 years. Elements of the new logo include:
FISH: It is a generic fish that is in motion—a nod to our science that is always moving forward toward better solutions.
WATER: The power of water is seen in the environments it shapes. It also plays a central role in shaping the diverse array of perspectives, backgrounds, and vocations of all AFS members. Water connects the work of all of our members in some way.
COLOR: The darker blue signifies the range of freshwater systems that include streams, rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and ponds. The turquoise blue signifies the saltwater environments that span from the deep ocean to the transition zones of marshes and estuaries. The green signifies the connection of land to water and the linkages within our aquatic system—from headwaters to rivers, from springs to lakes, from wetlands to deltas, from coral reefs to the deep ocean.
Look for the new logo to appear in more and more places over the coming year!