Webinar – June 30 – Electrofishing

The 100‐Watt Method: A Protocol for Backpack Electrofishing in Small Streams
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
1:00 pm Eastern Time
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Session description:
What backpack electrofisher settings work best to catch fish in small streams? In this webinar we will describe why standardization of electrofishing output is important in fisheries research and management, what impact electrofishing settings can have on data collection and fish health, and how to use the proposed protocol to maximize fish capture efficiency while minimizing fish injury. The protocol has been effectively used in streams ranging in ambient conductivity from ~20–1,000 µS/cm and water temperatures from ~0–28°C. Avenues of further research will be highlighted that would more fully evaluate the 100-W method.

Presenters Biosketches:
Kevin Meyer has been developing expertise on backpack electrofishing for salmonids and nongame fish for 20+ years, conducting hundreds of surveys as well as several research projects on electrofishing capture efficiency and fish injury.

James (Jim) Reynolds is a Professor Emeritus with the University of Alaska-Fairbanks and is a leading expert in the field of electrofishing, having written or co-written every version of the electrofishing chapter of the Fisheries Techniques textbook, and trained untold numbers of biologists in the art and science of electrofishing.

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