Webinar – February 10 – The Stock Assessment Process: Counting Fish

The Stock Assessment Process: Counting Fish
February 10, 2021
1:30 pm EST

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Presented by:
Erik H. Williams, PhD
Chief, Sustainable Fisheries Branch
NOAA Fisheries
Southeast Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Beaufort Lab

Session description:
What data is most important to stock assessments? In this session we’ll review the stock assessment process focusing on data and the important information it provides to understanding fish populations. We will also discuss the challenges in improving stock assessments.

Presenter’s Biosketch:
Dr. Erik H. Williams has been working on stock assessment models for nearly 25 years. Erik’s experience with fisheries work goes back to his days as an observer in the Bering Sea, military contractor, industry consultant, and stock assessment scientist. He is currently a branch chief at the NOAA Beaufort Lab where he oversees a staff of assessment analysts working on fish stocks in the U.S. South Atlantic. 

AFS thanks the Student and Early Career Professional Subsection officers for their work to schedule this webinar!