Virtual Spring Conference – May 6 Poster Presentations

Lightning Talk Poster Introductions

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1. Brian Bartlett: Projected Changes Of The Distribution Of Nassau Grouper Spawning Habitat And Its Management Implications

2. Grace Roskar: Seasonality and relative abundance of elasmobranchs near the northern boundary of a biogeographic break

3. Jackson Martinez: Striped Marlin, Kajikia audax, in the Central North Pacific Ocean: One Stock or Two?

4. Katherine (Katie ) Russell: Spawning Population Size Comparison of River Herring in Potomac Tributaries

5. Quentin Nichols: Phenology in a Changing Environment: Ecological Forecasts of Albemarle Sound/Roanoke River Striped Bass Stock Migration

6. Samantha Dowiarz: Hickory Shad (Alosa mediocris) vs. American Shad (Alosa sapidissima): Comparing Aging Techniques for Congeneric Species

7. April Simmons: Comparing larval and juvenile fish assemblages between newly created marsh terraces and existing marsh habitat

8. Nikolas Zuchowicz: Custom design of low-cost environmental sensing for oyster aquaculture

9. Paige O’Malley: Examination of reproductive metrics for Black Drum from Louisiana coastal waters (Pogonias cromis)

10. Sarah Bodenstein: Developing a Germplasm Repository Framework for Aquaculture Species

11. Andrew Marbury: Seasonal Movements of Sunshine Bass in the St. Johns River, FL

12. Jason O’Connor: Current Distribution and Status of Blackbanded Sunfish Enneacanthus chaetodon in Florida

13. Ellie Brauer: Assessing spatial and temporal variation in the growth rates of Blue Rockfish (Sebastes mystinus) from the central coast of California using a growth rate biomarker

14. Jamie Sweeney: Using isotopes and trace elements as a tool to uncover White Sturgeon life history complexities and habitat use

15. Lilah von Gruenigen: The Ingestion of Microplastics by Benthic Aquatic Invertebrates in the Upper Tennessee River Basin

16. Jeff Stevens: At First Glance: TWRA Winter Trout Stocking at Bicentennial Greenbelt Park, Maryville, TN

17. Christopher Hill: Characterizing the life history of Hickory Shad using otolith microchemistry

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1. Brian Bartlett

Nice poster! Just wondering if you have seen anything in the literature or anecdotal evidence of shifts in the locations spawning aggregations already happening?

Keilin Gamboa-Salazar
10. Sarah Bodenstein

This is a great poster with lots of creative and clear visuals. What do you foresee as the biggest road block for getting the repository framework functioning the way you have outlined it?

Aaron Bunch
14. Jamie Sweeney

Great job, Jamie! So proud of you!

Bobbie Flores
15. Lilah von Gruenigen

Lilah, what was the most fun part of working on this project?

Aaron Bunch
15. Lilah von Gruenigen

The most fun part was the field work. I really enjoyed being out in the water collecting the crayfish and clams. It was also fun to discover the microplastics in the samples - to see how many there were per specimen and to categorize them by shape, type and color.

Lilah von Gruenigen
2. Grace Roskar

Amazing presentation!

Lauren Maza
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