Kristen Anstead Named Fisheries Co-Chief Science Editor

The American Fisheries Society is proud to announce that Kristen Anstead has been appointed as the new Co-Chief Science Editor for Fisheries magazine. In this voluntary position, Kristen will be responsible for overseeing the peer review process for scientific papers submitted to the magazine. Her duties as Co-Chief Science Editor include:

  • Guiding the review of papers on a wide range of exciting topics related to fisheries science and management.
  • Working directly with authors to provide feedback and guidance to help them improve their papers for publication.
  • Providing guidance and mentorship to science editors, reviewers, and authors.
  • Working with the editorial staff to shape the vision and direction of Fisheries over the next several years to ensure that it continues to be one of the leading fisheries science publications available.
  • Seeking out papers on topics of interest to the Fisheries readership.

Kristen is currently a stock assessment scientist at the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission in Arlington, Virginia, where she works as an analyst on Atlantic Menhaden, horseshoe crab, American Eel, and Atlantic Sturgeon, to name a few. Prior to her work at the Commission, Kristen was an observer in the groundfish commercial fishery in Alaska and a research technician for the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems Long-Term Ecological Research program.

Kristen Anstead has been involved in the American Fisheries Society since her graduate work brought her to the 143rd Annual Meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2013. She began as a Student Science Editor for Fisheries magazine, a position which evolved into Science Editor after she completed her PhD on Atlantic Menhaden at Old Dominion University.