Webinar on November 29: AFS Annual Meeting Highlights: Using Electronic Tagging Data to Inform the Assessment and Management of Fishery Resources

Thursday, November 29, 2018

1:00 pm Eastern Time

Sponsored by the AFS Education Section

Join AFS for a few highlights from the 2018 Annual Meeting! During this webinar, a few selected abstracts will be re-presented. This is your chance to catch up on a few talks that you may have missed in Atlantic City!

In recent decades, there have been many technological advancements in electronic tagging (e.g., size reduction, sensor capability, battery life, data transmission, attachment methods). These advancements, along with more focused study designs and an expanding population of users, have allowed researchers to better understand the behavior, migration, habitat use, survival, and stock structure of marine and freshwater organisms. Results from electronic tagging studies provide valuable biological information, but factors such as low sample size, study design (i.e, limited spatial coverage), or lack of connectivity with end-users can delay or limit the consideration of project findings in assessment or management frameworks. This symposium will bring together researchers working with a wide range of electronic tagging technologies (e.g., data storage tags, satellite tags, acoustic transmitters) to present research and toolkits focused on addressing data gaps in stock assessments or fishery management. Presenters will discuss the processes involved with identifying critical data needs, designing and executing projects (i.e., field methods, industry collaborations, analytical methods), highlight key findings, and demonstrate strategies for effectively communicating project results to a range of audiences.

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