Webinar on November 14: Resources & Strategies for AFS Student Subunits

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

2:00 pm Eastern Time

Presented by

  • Lisa Izzo, University of Vermont President
  • AFS Student & Early Career Professionals Subsection
  • Heather Stewart, McGill University
  • President-Elect, AFS Student & Early Career Professionals Subsection

Sponsored by the AFS Education Section

The American Fisheries Society offers numerous avenues for student participation, including the option to form and participate in student subunits. Student subunit events and activities can have a disproportionately large positive effect within the local community and can be a great way to start your involvement in AFS. Have you been wanting to start up an AFS student subunit but aren’t sure where to start? Are you looking for ways to grow or revive your current student subunit? Join the AFS Student & Early Career Professionals Subsection for this month’s AFS webinar all about student subunits! We will focus on how to start a student subunit and what resources are available from AFS for current subunits. Additionally, hear about lessons learned from our symposium, “Engaging the Next Generation of Fisheries Scientists: Strategies for Student Subunits of AFS”, in Atlantic City, where we heard successful strategies from representatives from 14 student subunits. We encourage current and prospective student subunit officers, members, and faculty advisors to attend!

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