Free Access to AFS Award-winning Papers

During the month of September, enjoy free access to Best Paper Award winners. The awards were presented at the AFS Annual Meeting in Atlantic City in August.

The Robert L. Kendall Best Paper in Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, accepted by Tiffany E. Vidal from AFS President Steve McMullin

Using Variance Structure to Quantify Responses to Perturbation in Fish Catches, by Tiffany E. Vidal, Brian J. Irwin, Tyler Wagner, Lars G. Rudstam, James R. Jackson, and James R. Bence.

The Mercer Patriarche Best Paper in North American Journal of Fisheries Management, accepted by Nicholas G. Feltz (right) from AFS President Steve McMullin

Statistical Catch‐Free Age‐Structured Assessment to Estimate Year‐Class Strength for Inland Recreational Fisheries: A Largemouth Bass Example, by Nicholas G. Feltz and Matthew J. Catalano.

Best Paper in the Journal of Marine and Coastal Fisheries, accepted by Kim De Mutsert from AFS President Steve McMullin

Recommendations on the Use of Ecosystem Modeling for Informing Ecosystem‐Based Fisheries Management and Restoration Outcomes in the Gulf of Mexico, by Arnaud Grüss, Kenneth A. Rose, James Simons, Cameron H. Ainsworth, Elizabeth A. Babcock, David D. Chagaris,  Kim De Mutsert, John Froeschke, Peter Himchak, Isaac C. Kaplan, Halie O’Farrell, and Manuel J. Zetina Rejon.

Best Paper in the North American Journal of Aquaculture

Xenogenesis‐Production of Channel Catfish × Blue Catfish Hybrid Progeny by Fertilization of Channel Catfish Eggs with Sperm from Triploid Channel Catfish Males with Transplanted Blue Catfish Germ Cells, by Dayan A. Perera, Ahmed Alsaqufi, Mei Shang, Donny C. Wade, Baofeng Su, Ahmed Elaswad, Michael Fobes,  Renee Beam, Gemerlyn Garcia, David A. Dunn, Elizabeth A. Lipke, and Rex A. Dunham.

 Best Paper in the Journal of Aquatic Animal Health

Optimization of a Plaque Neutralization Test (PNT) to Identify the Exposure History of Pacific Herring to Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus (VHSV), by Lucas M. Hart, Ashley MacKenzie, Maureen K. Purcell, Rachel L. Powers, and Paul K. Hershberger.