Annual Meeting Highlights Webinar: American Eel Population Assessment, Restoration, and Monitoring on October 18

Join AFS for a few highlights from the 2018 Annual Meeting! During this webinar, a few selected papers will be re-presented. This is your chance to catch up on a few talks that you may have missed in Atlantic City.

Catadromous eels can be found worldwide and have been the focus of research directed to understand their life history and migratory patterns, monitoring programs to track the population status, and restoration programs to provide access past barriers and provide protection at hydroelectric facilities. Presentations in this session will cover a wide variety of the work centered around eels, including research on migration and life history, population surveys, and advancements in upstream and downstream passage technologies.

Session host:

Sheila Eyler
US Fish and Wildlife Service


Kristen Anstead
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

Chris Bowser
New York Department of Environmental Conservation

Josh Newhard
US Fish and Wildlife Service