(Atlantic City, NJ) August 22, 2018 – Dr. Robert Arlinghaus, received the award for Excellence in Public Outreach at the 2018 American Fisheries Society (AFS) Annual Meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey. AFS President Steve L. McMullin presented the award at the meeting’s plenary session. The award for Excellence in Public Outreach is presented to an AFS member who goes the “extra mile” in sharing the value of fisheries science/research with the general public through the popular media and other communication channels.

“We applaud the distinguished contributions of Dr. Arlinghaus and thank him for his continuous efforts to share the value of fisheries science and research,” said AFS President Steve L. McMullin.

Dr. Robert Arlinghaus is among the leading fisheries researchers from Europe and indeed around the globe. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and 19 monographs in a wide range of topics, showcasing his exceptional productivity. He is particularly well known and respected for his interdisciplinary work joining the human dimensions and fisheries biology and evolutionary biology surrounding recreational fisheries.

Robert is also well-known in the international policy community for his initiative to develop a global code of practice for recreational fishing and which cumulated in the FAO publication “Technical Guidelines for Responsible Recreational Fisheries.”

In addition to being a prolific scientist, Robert recognized early on in his career the need to inform the public and fisheries stakeholders outside the sphere the scientific community. His dedication to popularizing his interdisciplinary research findings to diverse audiences has gained a substantial following, which has greatly increased the impact of this work.

Robert realized that the local fisheries managers and anglers in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria or the UK were the key target groups to reach and educate about fisheries science.  He quickly became a leader in transdisciplinary research, structuring his programs to intertwine both high level fisheries research with intense public outreach efforts.

A few of Robert’s initiatives include; a nationwide roadshow in education for sustainability in Germany; free simulation software to plan stocking and harvest regulations; providing accessible summaries of key principles for sustainable fish stocking in easily-accessible language; development of comics, cartoon clips, and other graphics used on social media, textbooks, and popular science articles to explain key principles of sustainable fish stocking; over 100 presentations in countless angling clubs and angler associations; a monthly column in one of the largest German angling magazines; Active postings and participation on social media platforms.

The work that Robert has accomplished with angling clubs, fisheries managers, interest groups, and the public, have produced outcomes that are truly outstanding and serve as an example for how public outreach can be successfully achieved.

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Editor’s Notes:

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