(Atlantic City, NJ) August 22, 2018 – Dr. Kirk Winemiller received the Award of Excellence at the 2018 American Fisheries Society (AFS) Annual Meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey. AFS President Steve L. McMullin presented the award at the meeting’s plenary session. The award of Excellence is presented to a living person for original and outstanding contributions to fisheries and aquatic biology. It is the Society’s highest award for scientific achievement.

“We applaud the distinguished contributions of Dr. Winemiller and thank him for his continuous efforts to share the value of fisheries and aquatic biology,” said AFS President Steve L. McMullin.

Dr. Winemiller is a Professor at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. His research activities and interests focus on multiple areas, including ecology, evolution, systematics, biology, fisheries management, and biodiversity conservation.  His publications in these fields have led to major advances in fisheries and aquatic ecosystem management.

He is a prolific author, publishing more than 240 peer-reviewed articles; 47 of these have been cited more than 100 times each.  His most cited papers concern fish life history (Canadian Journal of Fisheries Science – 1,100 citations and Oecologia -520 citations).

Dr. Winemiller’s life-history model predicts how demographic tradeoffs influence fish population responses to environmental variation—particularly to altered flow regimes and harvest levels. Dr. Winemiller has also advanced the science of food-web ecology, fish functional traits, and fish population and community dynamics.

He received the George Mercer Award in 1992 from the Ecological Society of America for an outstanding ecological research paper published by a researcher younger than 40 years old – the award recognized his paper titled, Spatial and temporal variation in tropical fish trophic networks.  


Dr. Winemiller has also been recognized as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America.  Today, we recognize Dr. Kirk Winemiller’s contributions to the field of fisheries science with the AFS Award of Excellence.


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