An Online Genetic Repository for Salmon and Steelhead Genetic Baselines

FishGen is a final repository for Pacific salmon Oncorhynchus spp. and steelhead O. mykissgenetic data generated as part of the genetic stock identification and parentage‐based tagging projects in the Columbia River basin and throughout the Pacific Coast of North America. Resource Data, Inc., developed this web‐based, GIS‐interfaced software, which is freely available to the public, with funding from the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund and Bonneville Power Administration. FishGen currently houses genetic stock identification baselines for both Chinook Salmon O. tshawytscha and steelhead in the Columbia and Snake river basins, as well as hatchery, parentage‐based, tagging baselines for both species in the Snake River basin. Because it has a user‐friendly interface and protocol for submitting and storing standardized genetic and sample metadata, it is an excellent tool for supporting genetic research and monitoring projects throughout the region.

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